IF RAHM WINS: $750 million in Chicago property tax increases, school closings coming

IF RAHM WINS: $750 million in Chicago property tax increases, school closings coming

OK, Chicago, this is your last chance to end Rahm Emanuel’s vengeful reign.

Many voters are wise to how this works.

We all know that Rahm’s friends in the Chicago media have been busy burying his scandals: doctored murder stats; shootings have been up not down; his broken promise of hiring 1,000 more police officers; donations from city pension fund managers in violation of SEC law; using TIFs as slush funds for his wealthy donors; buried criticism over his school closures; Rahm’s mismanagement of Chicago’s debt and pension problems resulting in downgrade after downgrade.

Read Ben Jarovsky’s ‘Mayor Garcia’ sounds pretty good to me for a full recap of what Rahm Emanuel has done in the last four years to harm Chicago.

After four years, Rahm has taken care of his own – Chicago’s wealthy elite – not the people of Chicago.

The Mayor’s pals in the Chicago media failed to question the Mayor’s bestie, Republican Bruce Rauner and ended up endorsing him with no economic plan. Likewise, voters still – after four years – do not know Rahm’s plan. All they know is Rahm’s record of broken promises.

Where has the Chicago media been this election? Why do they refuse to question or criticize Mayor Rahm Emanuel?”

Chicago voters are wise to this too: The Chicago media care more about clout than issues, they are concerned more about money and power than journalism. Chicagoans now must look to the national media to scrutinize this Mayor because the local media (with few exceptions) have abdicated their responsibility to real people.

The Chicago media are quick – however – to question Rahm’s opponent Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

I think it’s been hard for Rahm these past few weeks – to pretend that he’s a nice guy, that he’s going to try to do better, and that he’s sorry. I don’t believe it for a second. Every time I see and hear his phony ads I shudder. We all know it’s baloney. Rahm love? Gimme a break.

After the election, the Wrath of the Real Rahm will circle back against Chicagoans full force. You’d better believe it.

So if Rahm with all of his millions and the complicity of the Chicago media wins election today, what will that mean for you?

To find out that answer, we must look to what Rahm attempted to do until voter backlash against him set in.

1. There will be more mass school closures mostly in black and hispanic neighborhoods. Rahm and his buddies cater to the public charter school movement and Wall Street’s interest in profiting from publicly-funded charter schools. Count on it.

Read The Next 50 Schools Rahm Emanuel will close.

2. In 2014, Rahm wanted to impose a property-tax hike on Chicago and tried to fast-track it in Springfield. He wanted to impose a plan that would raise property taxes by $50 million a year over the next five years in Chicago property owners or $750 million dollars. The plan would have also required higher contributions from employees and reduce the annual benefits retirees receive. But Chicagoans hit the roof and Rahm, fearful of losing re-election, backed off. If Rahm is re-elected Chicagoans can expect a dramatic raise in their property taxes. Count on it.

3. Rahm will continue to doctor murder statistics and claim victory. Read Chicago Murders on the Rise in USA Today. Meanwhile, the murder rate – especially in gang-infested areas of the city – will rise.

Read the Chicago Magazine investigation into Rahm’s doctored murder statistics. Rahm eventually had teenager Tiara Groves’ death certificate changed to read “homicide by unspecified means” instead of a “non-criminal death ” after Chicago Magazine’s investigation called his altered statistics into question.

4. Rahm will continue to use TIF slush funds to help his wealthy pals – instead of everyday Chicagoans. Read the investigation in the International Business Times

5. Rahm will continue to take donations from Chicago pension fund managers in violation of his own executive order and SEC law. The Chicago media will continue to ignore this scandal. Read NBC’s story about Rahm’s pay-to-play with Chicago pension funds. 

So, what do you have to say Chicago? If this is OK with you, I feel sorry for you.

If it isn’t, today is the day to get out and do something about it by exercising your right to vote.


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