UH-OH: New poll signals run-off trouble for Rahm Emanuel with Fioretti, Garcia

UH-OH: New poll signals run-off trouble for Rahm Emanuel with Fioretti, Garcia

A “special meeting” of the City Council has just passed Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s measure to raise Chicago’s minimum wage to $13 per hour over the next five years. It is another desperate ploy by Emanuel to prove to Chicago voters  – who have come to despise him – that he is “one of them.”

Desperate ploys are nothing new for Emanuel.

In September, Emanuel inked a contract with the city’s largest union – the Fraternal Order of Police- in order to help secure his re-election bid.

Now as much as this may upset the biased Chicago media, who are in the Mayor’s Combine-lined pocket, none of these last-ditch efforts will guarantee Emanuel’s re-election next year.

Rahm is not a “Mayor of the People.” He isn’t a warm, friendly political teddy bear like Harold Washington or a feisty “dontcha love her” reformer like Jane Byrne.

He is Mayor 1%.

Rahm is as dead to the hearts of Chicago’s voters as the 2½ foot rotting fish he once sent a pollster he didn’t like.

Although he may have the support of the city’s wealthy set and some obscure members of the media elite, Rahm has lost face with real Chicagoans.

In the most recent poll, only 35% of Chicagoans approve of his job performance – down from 50 percent last year. More than half of city voters disapprove of Emanuel’s actions over the last four years.

A new poll today reveals why Emanuel and his supporters – including Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner – should be concerned.

According to the poll, conducted by a union friendly to Mayor Emanuel:

If the election were held today, Emanuel would get 44 percent of the vote to 16 percent for Garcia, a Cook County commissioner, and a nearly identical 15 percent for a third candidate, Ald. Bob Fioretti, 2nd, the survey found. Seven percent of the sample backs someone else, and 18 percent is undecided.

In a one-one match with Garcia, Emanuel has 49 percent of the vote to Garcia’s 37 point—a clear lead but just shy of what it will take to win.

No matter what way you slice it, that puts Rahm in a run-off with the second highest vote getter come April.

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia only entered the race a few weeks ago, has barely spent a dime, and filed 63,000 signatures on the last day of filing – 20,000 more than the 43,000 signatures filed by Emanuel.

In contrast, Emanuel filed 90,000 petition signatures in the 2010 election.

Think about it: That’s how out-of-favor Emanuel has fallen.

Despite declining newspaper readership, reporters from the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times have worked overtime to pick their pet candidates in the mayoral race.

A little known reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times even wrote a “help wanted” ad piece calling for Chicagoans to help the Mayor circulate his petitions.

Lacking in professionalism, these reporters/bloggers have also attempted to paint a portrait of an unbeatable Mayor Emanuel.

Current Chicago media “theory” offers a too common refrain: That, due to Mayor Emanuel’s significant war chest, he cannot be defeated and, moreover, now that the “caps are off “– thanks to yours truly – that there is no way for Rahm’s opponents to overcome his financial advantage.

Of course, the Chicago media is lying about all of this.

Prior to the caps going off, Emanuel had more than $10 million in his personal political war chest – and that’s not counting the millions of dollars in Chicago Forward PAC.

In violation of SEC law and his own executive order, Emanuel has raised $600,000 from firms that manage Chicago’s pension funds. He has bundled contributions far in excess of the limits. True to bad form, Mayor Emanuel had devised all sorts of ways of evading the campaign limits and his opponents had no way of catching up. Rahm could have easily busted the caps in the race but he didn’t…for a reason.

However, with the caps off, Ald. Bob Fioretti and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia have the opportunity to raise unlimited funds from a handful of donors and level the playing field. With the Mayor’s approval rating at 35%, they will not need to match him dollar for dollar.

The ball is in Fioretti’s and Garcia’s court now.

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