Dan Proft Grilled on Cicero, Donors at Elmhurst College

WLS Co-Host Dan Proft Grilled on Cicero, Donors at Elmhurst College

Chicago, Illinois – Plummeting radio ratings are not the only thing WLS co-host Dan Proft is battling these days.

Proft appeared recently at an Elmhurst College lecture series while, simultaneously, his assistant struggled to keep the rumor of a second run for governor alive (he scored only single digits in the GOP primary in 2010).

But all of that took second-shift to some tough questioning from the audience.

Watch this video posted on YouTube as an audience member grills Proft on his connections to embattled Cicero president Larry Dominick.

Last week, Dominick settled a second lawsuit for sexual harassment, filed by a female police officer, to the tune of $675,000. Two years ago, the town of Cicero settled another sexual harassment lawsuit for $500,000.

Previously, Proft was Dominick’s longtime spokesman and helped engineer Dominick’s re-election. In return, Proft received lucrative no-bid contracts from Dominick and mob-connected school board president Jeff Pesek.

Ironically, the WLS co-host was at the college to discuss Illinois’ corrupt political system. Proft is a fellow and paid consultant to John Tillman’s Illinois Opportunity Project, a sister 501 (c) (4) organization to the Illinois Policy Institute, now under fire for tax violations.











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  • It is good that someone remembered the Cicero connection.

    Unfortunately, it is starting appear to me and others that there is no one we can support for governor, at least out of the current names. Maybe Dillard, but I'm sure he will also disqualify himself on our standards. It is like Diogenes, but he isn't going to find his man in Illinois.

  • It is also interesting that "Cicero Town Spokesman Dan Proft" and "Madigan Spokesman Steve Brown" are now hiding under the "independent contractor" label.

  • Great digging, Kelly, but what is the point? Proft will never be governor or anything else political that really matters.

    O where is the "Truth Squad" where it comes to the politicos that are in power, Dems and their reflection the Republicans, and raking in cash that makes Proft take look like chump change?

    Not a little leaning left, eh, Kelly? Not just a little bias

    Who cares about Proft?

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