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Glorifying the police is part of the problem

Let me start by saying I am not against the police or for the cancellation of animated children television shows like Paw Patrol, but what I believe must stop is the constant glorification of the police. One of the biggest problems as an African American is entering a courtroom at -100 with a police officer’s... Read more »

CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson retiring after his so-called brothers laughed at him

Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is expected to announce his retirement later on this week, which should not surprise anyone. Come on, a police Superintendent drinking and driving to the point he passed out in his car is more than enough to warrant a change at the top. If you add lying about the incident... Read more »

Dear Alderman Brian Hopkins: The Chicago Police have failed the city of Chicago

After another incident of unruly teens taking over the ritzy Magnificent Mile area of downtown Chicago and causing a disturbance to the local business area; I must ask: What the hell is the Chicago police doing? The answer is: A lot of nothing. Like I said several times, no one fears breaking the law in... Read more »

My response to former Chicago Police Lieutenant Bob Angone article

I have been blogging on ChicagoNow for over 16 months and I have not published a written response to another ChicagoNow blogger’s article in those 16 months, until now. I feel I must comment on Bob Angone article called Hate Hustlers/ Race Baiters/Ignoring Killers/ The Agenda is more important then the Truth Bob Angone wrote:... Read more »

Who paid for CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson trip to New York to appear on Good Morning America?

  For the record, I am tired of the Jussie Smollett case and I likely won’t write about it again. The Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson turning the case into his national press tour was unprofessional. Johnson actually flew to New York to appear on Good Morning America followed by appearing on CNN. My... Read more »

Eleven reasons why Jussie Smollett likely would have won his case

I am not a lawyer. I am not trying to be a lawyer, but from my point of view the case against Jussie Smollett may not have been the slam dunk the Chicago police made it out to be. I know many lawyers (who said Casey Anthony and others would be found guilty) said the... Read more »

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is using the Smollett case to do a national Press tour

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is using the Smollett case to do a national Press tour
  The Chicago Mayoral election is today. Soon the city of Chicago will have a new mayor after a likely runoff election. For the Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, a new mayor likely means a new superintendent since a new mayor will likely want to start over with their choice to lead the Chicago Police... Read more »

CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson needs to get control of his police department and poor handling of the Smollett case

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) has become an embarrassment under Superintendent Eddie Johnson. The crime in certain parts of the city is out of control just like it was under Garry McCarthy. Instead of Johnson fixing the problem by finding a new strategy to police the city effectively; Johnson has used the same old talking... Read more »

Judge who ruled the police officers not guilty of cover-up in Laquan’s case is close friends with one of the police officers attorney

Yesterday, the Chicago media widely reported that Judge Domenica Stephenson ruled that three Chicago Police Officers were not guilty of trying to cover-up Laquan McDonald’s murder despite making false police reports. So the known police friendly Judge Stephenson ruled not guilty for  these obviously guilty officers. My question is: Are we surprised at her ruling... Read more »

Remembering the day several Chicago police officers held a gun to my head for no reason

About 16 years ago, after I finished doing my security training; five white Chicago Police Officers in a tan unmarked car pulled me over and accused me of hiding a body, trying to kidnap someone, throwing a gun out of the window and everything they could think of while pointing their loaded guns to my... Read more »