Chicago Bears kicker Eddy Pineiro has a history of using the N-word

  The Chicago Bears kicker Eddy Pineiro has a history of using the n-word on Twitter. To be fair to him, he was around 18 years-old when he would use the word nigga in tweets. The word nigga is a word that some young people use as a way to sound cool, but still, eighteen... Read more »

Top 40 What you won’t find in Chicago List

New York vanilla ice cream. Archway peanut butter cookies. In-N-Out Burger. Jack in the Box. A bunch of pizza restaurant that serves nachos. A pizza restaurant that does not serve Eli’s cheesecake. A Chicagoan who does not hate the New York and Boston accent. A Chicagoan who believes Detroit style pizza is better than Chicago’s... Read more »

Chicago's Trump Tower did not rank as a Top 15 Chicago Hotel by travelers in Condé Nast survey

Donald Trump likes to brag about building the best buildings and hotels. Well, Trump Tower in Chicago did not rank as a Top 15 hotel in Chicago by travelers in Condé Nast 2019 survey of the best Chicago hotels. Trump Tower was ranked as the 19th best hotel in Chicago.  Click on the link below to... Read more »

The Overrated University of Chicago Medical Center has been nothing but pain for the African American community

The University of Chicago Medical Center is supposed to be a pretty decent hospital with a well-known cancer center. Every year, the school and its cancer center receive millions of dollars in donations from alumni, philanthropist and pretty much anyone who believe the school/ hospital would use the money to save lives or improve their... Read more »

St. Louis new 200-foot-tall Ferris wheel and Aquarium could pose a threat to Chicago’s booming tourism industry 

Chicago has always been a city of unique popular innovations. Innovations like creating the world’s first Ferris wheel in 1893. The iconic Ferris wheel at Navy Pier today is not the original one, but it is one of the most popular attractions in the city. The Ferris wheel is so popular that many cities have... Read more »

Dear Alderman Brian Hopkins: The Chicago Police have failed the city of Chicago

After another incident of unruly teens taking over the ritzy Magnificent Mile area of downtown Chicago and causing a disturbance to the local business area; I must ask: What the hell is the Chicago police doing? The answer is: A lot of nothing. Like I said several times, no one fears breaking the law in... Read more »

Body cam video of an Albany police officer making oral sex gestures at a woman

Thumbnail image for 'Body cam video of an Albany police officer making oral sex gestures at a woman'
Brittany Kilcher, the woman in the video, recently sent me a link to the above body cam video of an Albany police officer sitting behind a glass screen and making perverted oral sex gestures at her in a police station.

My response to former Chicago Police Lieutenant Bob Angone article

I have been blogging on ChicagoNow for over 16 months and I have not published a written response to another ChicagoNow blogger’s article in those 16 months, until now. I feel I must comment on Bob Angone article called Hate Hustlers/ Race Baiters/Ignoring Killers/ The Agenda is more important then the Truth Bob Angone wrote:... Read more »

Body cam video of Albany police brutality

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One of the Albany police officers in the above video was arrested for assault while two other police officers was suspended without pay for the incident that happened after a noise complaint.

Who paid for CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson trip to New York to appear on Good Morning America?

  For the record, I am tired of the Jussie Smollett case and I likely won’t write about it again. The Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson turning the case into his national press tour was unprofessional. Johnson actually flew to New York to appear on Good Morning America followed by appearing on CNN. My... Read more »