Chicago's population numbers and my thoughts on Houston's annexation history

Chicago's population

Chicagoans and tourists at the Bean in downtown Chicago.

The early population numbers were released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Chicago’s population in 2019 was about the same as the 2010 population numbers, but the city has experienced a population decline the last few years. Hopefully, mayor Lori Lightfoot would do what is right and stop giving billionaires TIF funding to build projects for the wealthy. The funding should be used to fund low-income housing and more police officers on the south and west side of the city where African Americans are leaving in droves.

Chicago’s population numbers:

Chicago’s population on April 1, 2010: 2,695,652


Chicago’s population in 2018:  2,705,994 

  *A decline of 7,073 people from the previous year.


Chicago’s population on July 1, 2019:  2,693,976 

   *A decline of 12, 018 people from last year.


The 10 Most Populous U.S. Cities on July 1, 2019

    1. NYC     8,336,817
    2. Los Angeles     3,979,576
    3. Chicago       2,693,976
    4. Houston       2,320,268
    5. Phoenix     1,680,992
    6. Philadelphia   1,584,064
    7. San Antonio        1,547,253
    8. San Diego    1,423,851
    9. Dallas     1,343,573
    10. San Jose    1,021,795

One more thing, I do not understand why so many reporters keep pushing the false narrative of Houston having a chance to become the third largest city in the U.S. in the near future. Even Houston officials like Patrick Jankowski, head of research at the Greater Houston Partnership have called the Reuters story that started the conversation just an attention seeking headline that is not true. 

For Houston, a city of 669 square miles to be over 370k behind Chicago, a city of 227 square miles in population says the city’s constant annexation of suburbs like Kingwood against their will have finally made the city a huge population city. The problem is many Houstonians do not consider certain annex suburbs to be part of Houston. Many Houstonians still say Kingwood, Texas instead of the Kingwood section of Houston.

Trivia: Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S. despite being the 32nd largest city in the U.S. by square mile.

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