The Overrated University of Chicago Medical Center has been nothing but pain for the African American community

The University of Chicago Hospital

Chicagoans protest outside of the University of Chicago Medical Center.

The University of Chicago Medical Center is supposed to be a pretty decent hospital with a well-known cancer center. Every year, the school and its cancer center receive millions of dollars in donations from alumni, philanthropist and pretty much anyone who believe the school/ hospital would use the money to save lives or improve their technology to save lives and improve their treatment of diseases.

Many of the University of Chicago donors donate without trying to find patients or family members of patients who were treated at the hospital for their take on the hospital and the hospital treatment of patients.

To many in the African American community, the University of Chicago is seen as a cold-hearted money driven hospital whose only claim to trying to improve the community is that former President Barack Obama once taught there. Remember, the African American male who was shot a couple blocks away from the hospital but ended up dying because he could not go to the nearby hospital because of the lack of a Level 1 adult trauma center.

For the hospital, no Level 1 adult trauma center meant no taking in poor Black folks without insurance despite the area being in desperate need of a trauma center. For non-Chicagoans, understand this: the south side of Chicago has shootings, drive-by shootings, shootings where many innocent people are caught up in the crossfire; shootings where teenagers are caught up in the crossfire and are in need of urgent medical treatment.

In some cases, the University of Chicago proximity would have given those kids a chance to make it, but since the so-called respected hospital did not want to take in poor uninsured people; those kids had to get transported miles away to the nearest trauma center at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn or Northwestern hospital in the crowded downtown area of Chicago where many of those shooting victims died during the long transport.

Even with many African American leaders and parents who lost their child to gang violence begging the hospital on television to open a trauma center, the hospital refused. The billion dollar entity University of Chicago Medical Center refused to add a trauma center for years as the shootings kept happening and innocent men, women and older children died at Northwestern or Christ Hospital after a very long ambulance ride because a life-saving trauma center would cost all of $20 million to operate.

To the University of Chicago, the only thing that mattered was the bottom line. Some people believe the old and misguided notion that hospitals exist to help people. The truth is most hospitals exist to make money. And when it comes to being money driven; the University of Chicago is at the top of the list.

Today, the hospital has a Level 1 adult trauma center that opened last year after calls for the University to lose their  multi-million dollar tax cut. So let’s face it, the University of Chicago only opened the trauma center to keep their tax cuts and incentives while getting rid of their bad press. Helping the innocent men, women and older children caught up in the crossfire was never important to the University.

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