Chicago has the Bean. New York has a new piece of junk called the “Vessel”

Chicago has the Bean. New York has a new piece of junk called “The Vessel”

A picture of  the “Vessel” in New York.

I will say one thing about New York. They sure know how to get architecture wrong. It was not enough that the so-called city that never sleeps has the hideous Times Square that is full of ugly looking Billboards. It is also not enough that they copied the skyscraper from Chicago and didn’t understand the importance of having alleys.

Now New York has created the biggest eyesore of all-time with the ugly 150 feet stairway called the “Vessel” at New York’s Hudson Yards.

Spike Lee once said Chicagoans have an inferiority complex when it comes to New York. Sure, Spike, if you say so. I know Spike was likely upset at the Chicago media who kept calling his film Chiraq stupid. And for the record, most of those media members are not from Chicago. Most of those media members are here until they can land a job in a bigger market like Los Angeles or New York or if they’re lucky on a national news network.

As for me, I like art. Good art. Good art like The Bean here in Chicago. Good art like the We Love Houston sign in Houston, Texas or the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Mo. My advice to New York is to keep trying.

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