Trump’s Clown Show Must End

Trump's Clown Show Must End

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The President of the United States used to be the most respected job in America. It did not matter if the President was a Democrat or a Republican. There was something about being the person responsible for keeping the American people safe and the economy growing that demanded respect. Well I must say that time period is over. The respect for the office ended when Russian Facebook and Twitter advertisements help elect the unstable, irrational, sexist and crazed man known as Donald Trump.

Donald Trump the man who was filmed bragging about grabbing women by the genitals is the President. The same man who joked that Fox News host Megyn Kelly was bleeding from her genitals. The same man who also mocked a disabled reporter. A couple of days ago, the mentally unstable President Trump tweeted out a sexist insult to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand when he insinuated that she would do sexual favors for campaign donations.

Even worse was President Trump’s constant Twitter tirades with the President of North Korea. President Trump constant insults and fake tough guy act did nothing to help the situation. At the UN, President Trump Little Rocket Man name calling and threats made him look like a joke. He must believe his tough talking and threats would make up for him running scared during Vietnam. Well I have news for him, it won’t. So get over it! No one is going to believe a man who used five deferments to get out of Vietnam is tough. So I hope he stop with the tough guy act. No honestly, I just wish he would go because America needs a real leader. We do not need a 24/7 reality show which the White House has become.

Two days ago we learned that former NBC Apprentice reality show contestant Omarosa Manigault was escorted out of the White House after throwing a tantrum. A month earlier, she brought her wedding guests to the White House and used the facility like a Banquet Hall. But hey what do you expect from her? I mean she made a name for herself by throwing tantrums on the Apprentice. She also had meltdowns during television interviews. So why would anyone be surprise by her erratic behavior? Heck she had been working at the White House for almost a year and we still do not know what her job was in the administration. It was reported that the White House Chief of staff General John Kelly did not know why she was there. So he finally got tired of her reported rudeness to the staff and constant visits to the Oval Office, and fired her. Too bad he could not organize a meeting with Vice President Pence and the executive cabinet to agree to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of President Trump.

I mean look at the scandals. Everyday there is something new. President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner lied on multiple security clearance forms. Kushner also tried to arrange a backchannel communication with Russia which would bypass U.S. Intelligence agencies. The President’s son Donald Trump Jr. has lied about his contacts with Russian officials including a hotel meeting to get dirt of Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. also lied about his communications with WikiLeaks.

Heck, since President Trump has been in office over a dozen top U.S. officials have left his administration. Omarosa being escorted out of the White House is just the latest craziness going on in the White House.

Outside the White House, there is special counsel Robert Mueller filing charges against President Trump’s campaign and former staff members. There is also a bunch of women claiming they were sexually harassed and assaulted by President Trump who recently campaigned for an accused child molester. Yes that’s right – a child molester. The President of the United States actually campaigned for an alleged child molester which should have proved his unfitness for the Presidency. If a President is not willing to defend the American people from child molesters; then that President is unfit for the office and should be removed right away. It is time for the circus to end.

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