Stop Making Excuses For Lonzo Ball

Image from SlamOnline

Image from SlamOnline

I am so sick of the Lonzo Ball hype. Since May all the sports television networks have talked about Lonzo Ball as if he is the next Magic Johnson. Many sports journalists have spent the whole summer talking about his basketball IQ and how he always make the right play. The Lonzo hype became unbearable after he was named the MVP of the NBA’s Summer League. Soon after getting the award, many so-called NBA experts started saying the awful Lakers would make the playoffs this year because of Ball’s leadership and passing ability. Well the Lakers are eight games into the season, and the team has barely managed to win three games so far with Lonzo as the starting point guard.

Even worse than the hype is the fact that Lonzo is only averaging nine points, six rebounds, and six assists a game. Yet judging by the way he is being covered and praised you would think he were averaging over twenty points and ten assists a game. Lately I’ve seen too many sports journalists call the Lakers “the Lonzo’s Lakers” despite him not being the best player or even the best rookie on the team. Now I know Lonzo is a rookie and the season just started but please stop making excuses for him and admit that he is struggling. Anyone with eyes or basic basketball knowledge knows that Lonzo not scoring and having under five rebounds and assists is a bad game for him or any NBA starting point guard.

The problem I see is that many so-called NBA experts won’t admit that he had a bad game. The so-called sports experts brought up the fact that Lonzo had a plus ten as indication of his great play on the court despite him not scoring a single point. Well there were games when bench players who scored six points or less had a better plus minus than LeBron James who had over twenty five points and eight rebounds. So I wonder if those same so-called experts said those bench players outplayed LeBron.

To me it seems like Lonzo can’t do anything wrong in the eyes of many sports journalists. Even when he throws a simple pass they act like he did something that no other NBA player can do. Even worse is the fact that these sports journalists are ignoring NBA rookies like Ben Simmons who is averaging eighteen points, nine rebounds, and almost eight assists a game. Now I am not naive. I understand that Lonzo is a ratings draw for the sports television networks but at some point as a professional sports journalist you must be honest with your audience and admit that Lonzo is struggling.

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