YouTube, for over 10 years I have begged you to get rid of the racist El Negrito Tomas and El Negro Mama

YouTube is the biggest channel racists have to recruit and spread their views. For over a decade, I have reported hundreds of racist videos and comments that YouTube has refused to remove. Now, YouTube has posted a silly message in support of Black Lives Matter, while still refusing to remove videos like El Negrito Tomas,... Read more »

Glorifying the police is part of the problem

Let me start by saying I am not against the police or for the cancellation of animated children television shows like Paw Patrol, but what I believe must stop is the constant glorification of the police. One of the biggest problems as an African American is entering a courtroom at -100 with a police officer’s... Read more »

Only 53.3% of Chicagoans have filled out their Census which is well behind the national average

Chicago is set to lose millions if not over a billion in funding if more Chicagoans don’t fill out their census information to help the city get its fair share of the more than $675 billion per year that will be distributed based on the census information.Trust me, it only takes a few minutes to... Read more »

Chicago's population numbers and my thoughts on Houston's annexation history

The early population numbers were released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Chicago’s population in 2019 was about the same as the 2010 population numbers, but the city has experienced a population decline the last few years. Hopefully, mayor Lori Lightfoot would do what is right and stop giving billionaires TIF funding to build projects for... Read more »

11 Most annoying things YouTubers do

Since the talk has been so much about the coronavirus I have decided to create a fun post on YouTubers strange habits since the website is a big part of many of our daily lives. There are some things that YouTubers do that is very annoying. Here is a list of the eleven most annoying... Read more »

Chicagoans please take 5 minutes to fill out the U.S. Census online so we can get our fair share of the more than $675 billion per year in federal funds

Since millions of Americans are at home on lockdown during the coronavirus outbreak now would be the perfect time to complete the 2020 U.S. Census online. Trust me, it only takes a few minutes to complete and completing the census would help your community get its fair share of the more than $675 billion per... Read more »

Illinois needs a major city like Milwaukee, Kansas City or St. Louis in Central or Southern Illinois

I am a Midwestern guy all the way through to be honest. I would say there is nothing like living in the Midwest even if I get tired of the coldness of the winter months. Illinois is a good state, but we have problems ranging from violence to debt to population loss, which are problems... Read more »

The University of Chicago story is not adding up as they refuse to release my mother’s medical records

One of my biggest regrets was allowing my brother to agree not to have an autopsy done on my mother. At the time, I was a bit emotional after my mother had passed away so I told my brother to answer the University of Chicago doctor phone call. Little did I know the doctor had... Read more »

Blue Cross Blue Shield told me to let my mother die to avoid paying for her nursing care

I will start this blog by saying that I am not naive. I know insurance companies exist to make money. Making money is the goal of every business, but it is when you start putting profits over doing the right thing or the moral thing is when I have a problem with insurance companies. From... Read more »

CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson retiring after his so-called brothers laughed at him

Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is expected to announce his retirement later on this week, which should not surprise anyone. Come on, a police Superintendent drinking and driving to the point he passed out in his car is more than enough to warrant a change at the top. If you add lying about the incident... Read more »