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Jump Rope Workout Part 3, three easy jump rope tricks

This is part 3 of a Jump Rope Workout series.  This first part taught how to get started jumping rope. I mentioned in part 2  that there is tremendous value in learning three basic footwork patterns. By learning to change your footwork patterns you are also changing up the direction of impact on your lower... Read more »

How to Jump Rope, 3 tips to get you started

I am a life-long jump roper.  Everyone at my gym learns to jump rope. Even if they only get a few minutes in on their visit, the forced practice is building a valuable movement skill.  I have had several requests lately for a How to Jump Rope video so they could practice at home.  Instead,... Read more »

Jump Rope Training for February’s Heart Healthy Month

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I started my training career at the East Bank Club in 1994.  I was lucky in many ways when I began teaching and doing privates there – the fitness market was wide open for new ideas.  One of my favorite classes to teach at EBC was Cardio Rope Interval Training.  This interval class super-setted jump... Read more »