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Juice Plus+ My Favorite Vitamin

I give Juice Plus+ vitamins to my kids.  They really love them.  I believe in the product and think they are better than the other gummy type vitamins for kids.  Here is a recent article written by John Blair from the Council for Responsible Nutrition. We all know that these are challenging economic times.  While there... Read more »

Parents:Advise From a 4 Time Black Belt on Picking a Martial Arts School

How do I pick a martial arts school for my child? This is the most common question I get from parents.  Besides owning POW! MMA (over 10 years in the West Loop) and POW! Kids, I teach at the Montessori Academy of Chicago (MAC). My classes there are athletic driven and focus on developing children’s... Read more »

Girls Can Do Anything, Show Your Daughter

I loved watching this.  Although I discovered this was a rejected commercial shot by Gatorade, I watched it three times and then showed my daughter Isis.  She said, “I want to do that!”  She started jumping off various pillows and on the sofa (she is 3).  Despite the staging put into this, it is worth... Read more »

Does Your Child Have ADHD? New Info You Must Know.

Does Your Child Have ADHD? New Info You Must Know.
It is scary to read stories that link various children’s disorders with a higher incidence of drug abuse. A story has reported that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) have up to three times more likelihood than other kids to abuse drugs or become dependent on various substances like marijuana and even nicotine.... Read more »

Judo is Great for Kids! FREE Olympic Judo Class Tuesday, April 26th

The 2012 Olympics are right around the corner.  They will be taking place in London. Entirely new structures are being built throughout London.  These additions to the London landscape are the Energy Centre, Primary Substation and Pumping Station.   New roads, bridges and walk ways between parks will funnel the millions expected to visit.  One... Read more »