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Prevent Shoulder Injuries

It is important to take care of your joints.  Shoulder and scapular strength & stability can be done with so many clever exercises.  The walk-out is a common warm-up activation exercise that engages the core and works the upper back and shoulder area.  In other words, it will help to strength the entire shoulder joint,... Read more »

5 Best IT Band Exercises

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Here my favorite 5 exercises to strengthen the IT Band.  They are not all specifically IT band exercises, but they are for the overall health of the IT.  These 5 exercises are my top 5 for keeping the IT band healthy.  Most articles on the IT band always reference runners. The truth is anyone with an athletic hobby that has a lot of repetitive movement should be incorporating these exercises...

Exercise of the Week: Basic Lunges, Avoiding Knee Injuries

I promised a couple weeks ago that I would feature the proper form for lunges.  I named lunges as one of my top 5 favorite exercises for tightening and toning the butt.  So if you are still working on getting a shapely bottom for summer-time, there is still time. The routine I wrote  2 weeks... Read more »

Kick'in Glutes Can Be Yours With 5 Exercises: Here's the 20 Minute Program

Allison Stokke from Sports Illustrated Yesterday I gave you a description of the 5 best exercises for firming the butt, hips and hamstrings.   1.  Roundhouse Kicks 2.  Side Kicks 3.  Lunges Stepping Back 4.  Plie Jump Squats 5.  Step Up with a Side Leg Lift (Abduction) The bonus of these exercises is that they... Read more »

Want a Nice A**? Kick'in Glutes Can Be Yours: Exercises of the Week

With control extend the leg out ot he side.  Keep the foot flexed and think of pressing your heel into a target.  If you focus on the flex of the foot while extending the leg your will get more glut action.
So with the summer ahead and everyone starting to look at cute swim suits and shorts that hug our butt like your best pair of jeans, you might be wondering how you can tighten up the rump.  The truth is,  if I were standed on a desert island and needed to stay firm, strong, athletic,... Read more »

Exercise of the Week: Single Arm Shoulder Press with Balance

This is one example of a simple way to take a basic strength exercise and convert it into a joint stability exercise.  This variation on a shoulder press with dumbbell is challenging, but I love it because it can be done in any exercise environment. It is an advanced application of the standard shoulder press.... Read more »

Favorite Exercise of Week: Gluts & Knee Stability

When you land, stabilize your upper body over your legs.  Land with your knees bent and your butt back.  Your weight should be in your heels.  Avoid landing with your weight in your toes.  Turn around quickly and try to keep this interval moving fast.  The goal of a power interval is to build acceleration and increase intensity.
Favorite exercises are not necessarily new exercises. They are just recent exercises that have given a little revival to your body.  Sometimes new favorite exercises are just simple movements that perfectly blend into an interval series you are following or an in-home workout format that you have been trying to intensify.  New favorite exercises are... Read more »

Sit On A Ball At Work! Strengthen Your Core

Sit On A Ball At Work! Strengthen Your Core
Regardless of your athletic ability, fitness level or physical limitation, the swiss ball or resist-a-ball, is a tool that can help you build strength, stability, flexibility and coordination.  At first glance, these colorful balls may remind you of your 4th grade gym class, but performing even a simple crunch on them can make you feel like your skills... Read more »

Is Your Child in Dance, Gymnastics or Martial Arts? Becareful with Chinese SPlit

Wikepedia defines the Chinese splits as the ‘straddle splits, in which the legs are parallel to eachother and extended in opposite directions.  Most martial arts schools use them in their training.  But many schools do not safely incorporate them into their classes.  It is important to avoid doing these splits when the body is cold. ... Read more »

Shamrock Shufflers - A Must Do Exercise!

Recovery after running is key for longevity.  Over 40,000 people enjoyed the beautiful weather in Chicago yesterday while doing the Shamock Shuffle.  Most people I know that took part in the annual Chicago spring event had better times than any other year.  The April 10th, 2011 8 K had the most registered participants in the... Read more »