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Chia Seeds: The Latest Superfood

Chia Seeds: The Latest Superfood
These omega-3, anti-inflammatory seeds are high in alpha lino-lenic acid and protein, and gluten free.  They help with digestion because they are high in fiber and can actually keep your blood sugar balanced.  They are an ancient Mexican seed from Chiapas. 2 times the amount of protein than most grains 3x the anti-oxidants of blueberries... Read more »

Letter to Costco Execs: 5 Costco items I love & 5 I need back on the shelf

Costco is awesome!  Most people I know that shop there feel the same way.  If you are a Costco executive reading this, please do not discontinue these delicious items.   These are 5 foods that I can stretch very far and they can easily be incorporated into about 10 different healthy dishes for my family.... Read more »

The White Rice Era is Over: Meet Farro, a Perfect Grain

I buy this big bag at Costco.  They carried over the last two summers.  I missed it so much last winter that I ordered it online through amazon.  It was so expensive compared to Costco's bag.  I bought it as Christmas gifts.
There seems to be a grain movement happening in America.  The white rice era is gone, thank god!  Even Chinese restaurants like Dragonfly (on Randolph) are offering brown rice instead of white.  Chicago also has several sushi restaurants playing to the health-minded customer by offering brown and black rice as an option.  One of the most... Read more »