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10 Holiday Gifts for the CrossFitter

Athlete's Pak from ISAGENIX, $258
Crossfitters have become a sub-culture within the fitness industry.  Although they are not the first or only group to follow a constantly varied, functional, high-intensity workout regiment, they have popularized and even globalized this style of workout.  CrossFit as a modality of training appeals to a wide group of people who now make up a... Read more »

Shark Tank Fitness Products

Shark Tank Fitness Products
1.  Titin Force, Creator: Patrick Whaley  Shark: Daymond John, $500,000 for 20% Titin Force is compression gear that is weighted.  But it is not like a normal weighted vest or back pack.  The shirt is 8 pounds and the shorts are 5 pounds.  Unlike, weighted vests, the Titin Force can be worn under training clothes because it... Read more »

Fitness Gifts: Buy this, NOT that!

Fitness Gifts: Buy this, NOT that!
Most likely someone on your Christmas list is a health conscious person who does workout or is ready to begin making changes.  Finding a great gift that suits their lifestyle is a considerate way to spend money.  So let’s try to give you a guide that will help you avoid wasting your money.  This list... Read more »

Favorite Fitness Gear From Club Industry Show

Here is a great way to diversify the use of the wheel.  It is commonly used for wheel barrow exercises.  But this hamstring curl is a sure way to tighten up the back of your legs and strengthen your lower back.
As I mentioned, the Club Industry Show was at the McCormick Place this past week.  It is a mix of educational seminars and lectures on all topics relevant to running or owning a fitness business, and then there are practical application classes and demos that are part of the expo.  The expo is free to... Read more »

Pocket-Sized Massage

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We all wish we could have someone massage us every day.    While attending the Club Industry show at the McCormick Place this past week, I came across so many innovative products for the health and fitness industry; but one of the my favorites was a handheld device for massage.  This clever gadget  is called the... Read more »