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3 Exercises to Help the Elderly Be Healthy

It is an emotional moment when you clearly recognize that the adults that raised you – are now elderly. The elderly in my life, were once active adults who helped to get me to the very moment I am at – right now ! When this happens, you will realize the many things you can... Read more »

5 Foods to Make You Smarter

Green Tea’s antioxidants offer long term health benefits.  It is actually the EGCG that protects the brain by helping to prevent protein from building up on he brain
Ready to be smarter this week?  Did you realize there are foods you can eat to make your brain function improve?  The cerebrum, the largest part of your brain stores a lot of information.  It gets accessed when we are recalling and controls so many of our overall mental and physical capabilities.    We have two... Read more »

Sit On A Ball At Work! Strengthen Your Core

Sit On A Ball At Work! Strengthen Your Core
Regardless of your athletic ability, fitness level or physical limitation, the swiss ball or resist-a-ball, is a tool that can help you build strength, stability, flexibility and coordination.  At first glance, these colorful balls may remind you of your 4th grade gym class, but performing even a simple crunch on them can make you feel like your skills... Read more »

How Do You Get a Fruit Fly to Exercise?

How do you get your husband, wife or mom to exercise? These seem like reasonable quandaries.  If you are very fitness focused, it is normal to wish everyone around you could experience the endorphin high you experience.  But some people, namely Robert Wessells, PhD puts fruit flies through rigorous exercise just to see how their... Read more »

Lengthen the Life of Your Grandparents

Lengthen the Life of Your Grandparents
It is believed that 75 % of older Americans are not active enough.  The lack of movement in their live is interfering with them reaching their optimal health.  According to the American Family Publication Magazine, there are few contraindications for exercise in the lives of eldery people.  In fact, the eldery are no different than... Read more »