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10 Core Exercises that Also Strengthen the Back

10 Core Exercises that Also Strengthen the Back
Here are some of my favorite core exercises.  These exercises are great for people retuning to working out after a hiatus or if you are simply looking  to mix things up.   I have struggled with ‘back problems’ for about 15 years.  After 4 surgeries, several rounds of injections and many rounds of physical therapy, I... Read more »

Smartphones May Cause Neck Injuries

Smartphones May Cause Neck Injuries
Text much? I do.  After reading a new study about chronic neck injuries due to excessive texting from the Surgical Technology International  (STI) magazine, the New York hip hoppers, Wu-Tang Clan have been singing, “ So what’s up man?  Cooling man…Protect Ya Neck..!” in my head.  I realize the song isn’t about chilling and texting.  ... Read more »

Most Popular Exercises in U.S., Do THIS, NOT THAT!

Keep your neck long and shoulders down.  Another way to think of it is lowering or depressing the shoulders into your back.
It used to be that just the boutique gyms had all the trendy toys.  In fact, many small gyms built their training platform around tools categorized today as ‘function fitness.’  But tires, ropes and medicine balls are all conventional tools for weight loss.  Now that these fitness tools are part of the HIIT (high intensity... Read more »

Can you do abs everyday?

There is a difference of opinion in the fitness industry on this topic.  Many believe, like myself, that the abdominals should be treated like every other muscle group in the body.  In doing so, you would provide it with at least a 24 hour rest period in-between workouts.  Like your chest or legs, it is... Read more »

5 Best IT Band Exercises

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Here my favorite 5 exercises to strengthen the IT Band.  They are not all specifically IT band exercises, but they are for the overall health of the IT.  These 5 exercises are my top 5 for keeping the IT band healthy.  Most articles on the IT band always reference runners. The truth is anyone with an athletic hobby that has a lot of repetitive movement should be incorporating these exercises...

Hard Abs: Advanced Core Exercises on a Pulley Strap

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Whenever you train your core, other muscle groups get dragged into the exercise.  I love the options that pulley training provides because it rarely  isolates one muscle group.  Pulley exercises often train the entire body. Most regular exercisers are familiar with TRX straps.  In which case, you know that you can get a total body... Read more »

Exercise of the Week: Knee Tucks on Pulley Straps

Position Two
Core, core, blah, blah.  Everyone is talking about how their core is worked.  I don’t mean to be sassy about it.  But the truth is, if you are properly doing any athletic movement, your core/abdominal area should be involved.  There really isn’t a sports movements that eliminates the muscles in your abdominal area or lower... Read more »

Exercises of the Week: 6 Pack Abs, 10 Min, No Back Pain

This is a great illustration of the abdominal muscle structure.  Notice how there are several sections.  You want to include exercises in your routine that engage all sections and often in combination.
There is so much involved in getting a 6 pack.  As honest trainer will tell you that it is more about diet than it is about exercise, with the exception of those who have it in their genes.  You know the 24 year old guy, who drinks 4 nights a week, and only eats crap.... Read more »

Core Strength: Exercise of the Week

If you  are bored of push ups and plank holds, spice up your core training with this exercise.  You can do this exercise with a single cable that allows you to control or adjust the height of the cable head;  or, use a machine like the one in the photo.  I am at iFitFitness in... Read more »