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10 Agility Ladder Drills

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to increase your overall cardio while improving your coordination and athleticism, add an agility ladder to your program.  There are several products on the market and many of them will even fit in a small space. The addition of an agility ladder can open the doors to... Read more »

Harder Abs = Harder Planks

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I will admit that planks in general are really in style for trainers.  The truth is they are a really perfect exercise.  When you add dumbbells, movement, explosive actions they evolve to perfect-plus (+).  Also trendy in fitness is, ‘working the core.’  Not only doing lots of ‘core’ training, but also saying the word ‘core.’  I feel self-conscious sometimes saying – ‘do you feel your core when you do this?’ Almost like I did in the 90s asking clients if they feel the burn...

Lose the Belly Fat: 3 Workouts that fight the fat from Thanksgiving

Lose the Belly Fat: 3 Workouts that fight the fat from Thanksgiving
Belly fat is tricky to eliminate.  In truth, there isn’t a series of exercises that target belly fat specifically.  But there are workouts and exercises that I believe lean out the mid section as by-product (so-to-speak) of the way the workout itself affects the body.    Overall key is to incorporate exercises in a high intensity... Read more »

Favorite Fitness Gear From Club Industry Show

Here is a great way to diversify the use of the wheel.  It is commonly used for wheel barrow exercises.  But this hamstring curl is a sure way to tighten up the back of your legs and strengthen your lower back.
As I mentioned, the Club Industry Show was at the McCormick Place this past week.  It is a mix of educational seminars and lectures on all topics relevant to running or owning a fitness business, and then there are practical application classes and demos that are part of the expo.  The expo is free to... Read more »

Exercise of the Week: The Most Important Plank

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The plank is probably the single most important exercise.  It  is fundamental to the push-up, mountain climber, vinaysa yoga, burpie, bear crawl, wheel barrow and so many more.  Kim Samborski, a personal trainer for Equinox and POW! MMA felt it was crucial to teach how to do the plank properly.  She offers biomechanical tips.  These... Read more »

Want a Nice A**? Kick'in Glutes Can Be Yours: Exercises of the Week

With control extend the leg out ot he side.  Keep the foot flexed and think of pressing your heel into a target.  If you focus on the flex of the foot while extending the leg your will get more glut action.
So with the summer ahead and everyone starting to look at cute swim suits and shorts that hug our butt like your best pair of jeans, you might be wondering how you can tighten up the rump.  The truth is,  if I were standed on a desert island and needed to stay firm, strong, athletic,... Read more »

One of The Coolest Training Programs: Freerunning

According to a blog I found on addressing the question of whether or not you need gymnastics or martial arts in order learn freerunning or parkour , “Well, there are about 500 different answers for this question. The one that is probably most important is “whose level do you want to get to?” Parkour is about... Read more »