A Mother’s Most Important Super Power

My mother passed away when I was 26 years old. I can list many things I have learned from her that have made me a better human. My mother was a very responsible mother. She was conscientious of teaching kindness, thorough in giving me etiquette, clear about the attributes that make a strong woman and adamant about the importance of love. Above all of that, my mother’s super-power ‘was knowing when to say YES.’  She understood the magic of this word. Because of the word yes, I have had such a prolific career in the martial arts and fitness industry.

In 1979, I asked my mom if I could take karate. She simply said Yes! She did not ponder how uncommon it was for girls to want to learn martial arts. She did not worry how it might lead to awkward comments about my gender. She did not even say to me, let’s give it a try, but it is not something girls do. She just said Yes! I have 4 different black belts. I have been in 17 different exercise and martial arts workout videos/DVDs. I have travelled the world because of martial arts. I have written a book on martial arts and I have owned a martial arts/combat sport performance gym since 2001 in Chicago’s West Loop. The word yes gave this all to me.

Yes verses No

Yes, is a word that possesses endless possibilities. I think a lot of parents struggle with saying yes to their children. As children get older and the questions they ask become more complicated, it is very easy to simply say no. No, keeps a child safe. No, can protect a child from the dangers of the world. But no opens no doors, and leads to few opportunities.

One of the most responsible things my mother did for me was say yes to all the right things. My mom said yes when I wanted to become scuba certified at 10 years old, my mom said yes when I said I wanted to try out for a boy’s baseball team and most importantly my mom said yes, when I asked to take karate in 1979.

The word yes is full of magic! Yes, can lead to infinite possibilities. Yes, can offer a person life-changing experiences. Yes, is the most colorful word. When you say yes, children discover something about themselves. As a mother of 3, I realize that ‘saying yes’ was one of the greatest gifts my mom gave to me. Super powers, by their nature are intended to help others. A mother’s super power is her ability to say yes and open the world up to their children.

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