Breaking News! The Greatest Discovery in Exercise Science

Breaking News!  The Greatest Discovery in Exercise Science

Here is the Future of Fitness

Imagine every minute of your workout being results-driven and having to spend less time exercising in order to lose weight. The Method CRA-Test®  allows a person to look at their individual unique metabolic fingerprint at a cellular level. Although great trainers help with providing the programming to achieve fitness and performance goals, the Method CRA-Test® can be used to assure that you burn fat and not over train your body.

There has been a rise in heart rate based training classes in the fitness industry. The concept of monitoring your heart rate while working out is smart. However, the number displayed on the monitor or your Polar watch is irrelevant if you don’t know what YOUR number should be. The heart rate zone charts displayed everywhere are simply a general guide, not an accurate range.

Metabolic fingerprinting has reinvented heart rate based training to provide a person with their specific range to achieve fat burning and avoid breaking down muscle due to improper training..  For decades the fitness industry has been using heart rate based training that relies on these ‘zones’.  These ‘zones’ may only be offering a guesstimate.

Most heart rate based training that uses zone charts today are grounded in the work of Dr. M.J. Karvonen who performed research on heart rates. He was monumental in discovering that exercise must be performed at the correct level of intensity, frequency and duration. The Karvonen Formula (maximal heart rate, commonly assumed to be 220—age in years. From there, the equation is used to calculate the training heart rate for a work rate equivalent 75% VO2max: training heart rate = 0.75 max HRR + resting HR;Tanaka et al., 2001)  was created in 1957 and provides the science used by the heart rate zone charts you see on every treadmill and cardio machine. But today in 2017, technology has improved and there is now a way to know your precise heart rate range and help you burn the greatest amount of fat when exercising.

The Method Difference, a Denver-based company offers simple technology that reveals a person’s individual metabolic fingerprint through a non-invasive test called the Method CRA-Test® . Although metabolic fingerprinting has been around for a decade, it is now accessible to the public and no longer cost-prohibitive. The Method Difference has connected science, medicine and exercise in a way that allows everyone to train smarter, not harder.

Stop Using 60 year Old Charts to Make Decisions About Your Exercise Program

Despite the contributions of Dr. Karvonen and the good intentions of all the ‘zone’ workout programs, it is important to understand The Method CRA-Test®  is far more precise and provides an individual with an accurate number for their unique prime, anaerobic and peak range.  It is like using a map from 60 years ago to maneuver through a city when you could just get a new one that reflects all the enhancements, as well as the most efficient route to your destination.

Here are the three key numbers revealed during a Method CRA-Test® .

Prime is a range where your body will experience the most performance improvements, where it will maximize the use of oxygen and where you will burn the most amount of fat as a fuel source.

Anaerobic is the range where your body is proportionally using more stored carbohydrates and relatively hardly any amounts stored fat.

Peak is where there is a heighten risk for injury. At this range, you will decrease performance gains and your body becomes depleted of stored fuel and risk for injury and muscle breakdown.

4 Reasons to Stop Using the Heart Rate Based Training Protocols

  1. The zones offered in heart rate based training programs are based upon antiquated information. The sports sciences have known for over a decade that the 220-your age formula is not accurate and only offers a generic prediction. The ‘zone’ charts are outdated and do not give the user their specific fat burning range. The Method CRA-Test® offers a precise fingerprint of an individual’s unique fat burning range (referred to as their prime HR).
  2. The goal is to train smarter, not harder. The generic ranges based on zone heart rate charts do not provide an individual with an accurate guide to determine intensity. Many heart rate based training programs reward the exerciser for being in the ‘red zone.’ This does not make sense when your goal is to burn fat and assure that your fuel source isn’t aligned with your goal, and a higher percentage from stored carbohydrates. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t perform anaerobic training or high intensity intervals. But if the ‘red zone’ does not reflect your individual anaerobic or peak range, then your efforts are counter-productive. You are most likely causing high amounts of muscle fatigue or possibly not even reaching your individual work capacity.
  3. Interval training preaches that you continue to burn fat even when you are resting (or post-workout). This is only true if you were training in your individual prime heart rate when you were actually working out. This can only be determined by doing a metabolic fingerprint test. So if you were in a high state of glycolsis, or continue into a higher intensity that can cause muscle damage while training, then you will not experience continued fat burning.
  4. Metabolic fingerprinting can also be used to help an individual post-surgery (for example after an ACL rebuild). After a surgery, serious injury or physical therapy it is critical that a person is metabolically ready to return to training. Furthermore, training should not undermine the efforts of the surgical procedure or time spent in physical therapy. In fact, the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI) ortho-health program uses the Method CRA-Test® to reveal the metabolic fingerprint of their patients.   This helps to increase a patient’s basal metabolic rate since they have lapsed from training or exercise.  IBJI acknowledges the need for their patients to also undergo metabolic rehab. Most people make adjustments post surgery to train at a lower intensity, but when training stops for an extended period of time you are simply not as metabolically fit. The goal is to increase your metabolic capacity while your body is still healing. Illinois Bone and Joint Institute chooses to use a precise snap shot of your prime and peak heart rate zones instead of a formula created in 1957.

The Future of Fitness

Interval training has had a significant impact on the exercise sciences community influencing people to reach their maximum heart rates during training. High intensity interval training is a great tool for weight loss. HIIT has also helped to increase the overall fitness level of its users. A bi-product of this type of training is that it is considered stressful and requires an appropriate amount of rest to receive 100% of the benefits.   When you know your metabolic fingerprint, you are provided with your individual anaerobic and peak range, which is so valuable for those who perform HIIT style workouts.

If you are training past your peak range your body uses an extremely low percentage of fat as a fuel source. At this point, the prolonged high intensity can lead to muscle damage and weaker muscle contractions. In fact, there are unaligned contractions and incomplete contractions that can cause injury. You will also experience slower neurological ‘firing’ of the muscle fibers. All of this has a negative impact on recovery, power output and muscle repair. Protein needs to remain reserved for building and repairing of muscle cells. When you know your exact ranges from your metabolic fingerprint you are able to train smarter, not harder and do the exact amount of work your body needs to increase strength and power with less stress.  This is the future of fitness. Whether you are a cross-fitter, MMA fighter, marathon runner or on a weight loss mission follow this mantra – TRAIN SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

If you have an interest in learning more about this ground breaking technology and if your city offers a Method CRA testing center reach out to the Method Difference or contact them by email (

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