3 Lame Excuses Not to Workout

3 Lame Excuses Not to Workout

The author Jenny Han wrote,  “Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” In Chicago, it sure seems to be true.  Memorial Day to Labor Day in Chicago marks the best time to burn the candle at both ends. I feel there is nothing I can’t take on during the summer months. Now that the summer season is upon us – it is time to stop wasting time with the following excuses. If you want to reach some of your fitness goals stop using these lame excuses and cease the day!


I am waiting to get in a “little bit” better shape before beginning my workouts.

So whether you are hoping to add a boxing class, rock climbing, join a running club or start crossfit – I do not suggest you wait. It is true that there is no time like the present!  A great gym with awesome coaches/trainers will make sure you do not fail in their classes. It is your instructor’s job to make the appropriate modifications to integrate you into their program. Most gyms have an ongoing enrollment and therefore accommodate new clients all the time.



I just don’t have enough time to fit a workout in my schedule.

Stop using time as an obstacle. I get it, we are all busy.  I respect that many people spend 1-2 hours a day traveling for work, put 50+ hours in a week or have been taken prisoner by their child’s sports schedule. You do not need to have 60-90 minutes set aside each day to make time for a workout. To be successful, schedule the time you have each day for exercise.  If this is only 15 minutes- GREAT!  As you make this time a regular habit then it will become easier to lengthen the time of your workout. Once you do this, schedule it in your calendar (ical) for 5 weeks straight (whether it is Mon/Wed/Fri or every day). After your 35 days you will have established this time as a regular part of  your life. It is absolutely true even 15 -20 minutes several times a week is better than nothing.



I am waiting to start with my friend/spouse.

Waiting to sign up with a friend or spouse is allowing others to control you. I have no problem with enjoying time with others; but if you have not started the barre class, 5K training, kickboxing workout you seek because your friend keeps changing your start date, you a doomed!   Do not let other people control positive changes in your life. You control you- you can’t control others. The people around you should be facilitators of the great things in your life. You will be successful if you simply lead by example and hope your enjoyment and success motivates your friends/spouse to be part of it.


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