10 Agility Ladder Drills

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to increase your overall cardio while improving your coordination and athleticism, add an agility ladder to your program.  There are several products on the market and many of them will even fit in a small space.

The addition of an agility ladder can open the doors to a wide range of footwork and explosive power drills.  By performing these drills for intervals of time (for example, 1 minute or 2 minutes each), you can easily create a cardiovascular workout for yourself or child.  Agility ladders provide a more precise way to practice various footwork drills.  Even jumping jacks through an agility ladder is more challenging than doing them in place.   The agility ladder forces you to travel forward and cover more ground while being forced to structure the width of your jumping jack.  This creates improved coordination because you have to make your movement more precise.

There are numerous drills.  Before beginning, make sure that you can do the very basic level agility ladder drills like : jumping jacks, running forward in each box, running while moving sideways (lateral movement), two-foot jumps (forward, sideways, backwards) and even single-leg jumps moving forward.  Below is a video that gives you 10 agility ladder drills in a little over 2 minutes.  Most of them offer a progression from these suggested basics.  Make sure you warm up and wear good footwear.  If all of these drills were done for 1 minute each you would achieve about a 15-18 minute workout.  Keep in mind, many of them need to be done on each side. So whether you are an adult looking to make your workout more interesting and fun, or a coach/parent trying to challenge your young athletes, focus on technique and finesse.


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