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Understanding the NFL Combine

Understanding the NFL Combine
Hey sports fans- here is a breakdown of the combine.  If you follow ESPN, I am sure you have been hearing the word combine.  Most people are only familiar with the NFL combine  – where prospective athletes showcase their physical skills with hopes of being positioned well in the draft. The performance of these athletes... Read more »

10 Tips for Kettlebell Training & 5 Great Exercises

Kettlebell training is as common as jumping rope today.  They have been around for ages, originating from Russia, but in the past 10 years they have earned a spot in most gyms right next to the dumbbell weight rack.  Although kettlebells are still referred to as a trend, I consider them a staple. All trainers... Read more »

10 Agility Ladder Drills

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to increase your overall cardio while improving your coordination and athleticism, add an agility ladder to your program.  There are several products on the market and many of them will even fit in a small space. The addition of an agility ladder can open the doors to... Read more »