4 Takeaways from Google Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Proving that Chicago is Great

4 Takeaways from Google Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Proving that Chicago is Great

I’ve been a West Loop resident and business owner since 2001. So when I was sent an invitation  to the Google Ribbon Cutting event this morning I cleared my schedule.  As a small business owner, I relish in learning and receiving inspiration to become more successful in this city and continue to grow my business in one of America’s hottest neighborhoods – The West Loop.

The event began with a full staff of Google-crew greeting and guiding everyone in a presentation hall where Jim Lecinski, V.P. Americas Customers Solutions shared an impactful  summary of what it means to be in Chicago.   Here are my take-aways from this event.

1.  Before officially opening it’s door, Google already introduced Google Expedition tools to the kids at the Skinner West Elementary School. The youth of the West Loop were able to use this brilliant virtual reality platform to learn outside the walls of their classroom.  This pioneer program can immerse you underwater to view the coral reefs or take you to outer space visiting Mars.  It was absolutely impressive!

TAKE-AWAY:  Chicago’s Public Schools do expose our kids to great things.  I am proud of living in Chicago.

2.  It was inspirational to hear Margo Georgiadis, the President Americas at Google speak about Chicago’s future position in the world of technology.  With all the bad press Chicago has been receiving, I felt proud to hear how the expanded Google campus will help bring Chicago to the forefront of technology.  There are 40,000 technology driven or digital jobs in Chicago.

TAKE-AWAY :  Chicago may be the 3rd largest city in the United States – but we no longer should feel like we sit far behind cities like New York or LA (areas).  Chicago is a city of great innovation in all industries.  I am proud to live in Chicago.

3. Alderman Burnett and Governor Rauner offered some great insight on the value of Google moving to the West Loop and how it relates to the overall economy of Illinois. Gov. Rauner called Google, ” a foundational business that represents the new economy” for Illinois and the world.  Ald. Burnett also acknowledged the rapid economic development in the West Loop and how he plans on sharing Google’s value with other communities in the City of Chicago.

TAKE-AWAY: Our political leader- do many great things for this city. Fostering a relationship with a company does pay off for a city (the Google endeavor started in April 2013) and a state.  It does trickle down to big and small business.  This is a great lesson for life – the Big Picture view is the right point of view.  I hope to succeed and grow my business in Chicago following this example.

4.  Mayor Emanuel took the podium to wrap up the ceremony by reminding us all that innovation and investments go hand-in-hand when expanding a city’s infrastructure.  He ackownledged the value of the Morgan Street  ‘EL’ stop as a critical investment in the West Loop neighborhood that facilitated Google’s new 320 N. Morgan address.

TAKE-AWAY: The time it takes to add infrastructure does pay off for a community in the long run.  If you want to see growth in your community find a way to improve access, safety and infrastructure which ulitmately lures enterprise. Chicago can be the great city we aspire to make it – a place we love to live and raise our families.





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