2 Minute Lesson: How to do Double-Unders on the Jump Rope

2 Minute Lesson: How to do Double-Unders on the Jump Rope

Double-unders are a super popular fitness skill since Cross Fit exploded about 5 years ago in the United States.  Even the past couple Cross Fit Games included the double-under in their competition line-up.  I have even heard that this staple exercise might evolve into a triple-under!

I have been jumping rope since 3rd grade.  Like most young children I enjoyed the fancy footwork and the songs that went along with them.  I doubt cross-fitters are singing:

I like coffee, I like tea

I like Dave Castro to jump with me.

One, two, three, change places with me, seven, eight, nine change places…

Although this might work for the new Team Cross Fit Division, the sweet sing-alongs that help you develop jump rope rhythm and skills are probably not part of any WOD.

A double-under is when the jumper, jumps higher to get two revolutions of the rope under their feet before landing on the ground.  The problem with Cross Fit’s approach to the double under is that they present it as an isolated exercise or fitness movement.  Instead, they should be using jump rope training as a conditioning tool to assist with athletic conditioning.   I believe everyone should first build the skill of jumping rope.  Create a soft, light-footed jump with relaxed wrist movement and good posture.  Then, progress to speed rounds.  Do jump offs.  Challenge each other to highest number of revolutions.  This will lay the foundation for quick wrist movement and smooth jumping technique.  If there are regular people out there that can jump 201 times in one minute on one leg, then clearly Cross Fit athletes can build basic jump rope skills.

There are some general tips for learning to perform a double under.

  2. Choose a rope that is the correct length.  Click here for tips on this.  Click here for measuring a rope to your height.
  3. Maintain good posture while jumping.
  4. Develop a soft and relaxed basic jump on two-feet.
  5. Then develop a super fast two-foot jump.  Learning how to manipulate the speed with wrist control.



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