Jump Rope Part 2, 3 Best Footwork Patterns

One of the greatest exercise skills you can have is the ability to jump rope.  On Tuesday, I had a great conversation with my daughter’s figure skating coach Irma Sveiteryte, who owns Figure Skate Chicago and she was telling me the importance of off-ice conditioning for figure skaters. She specifically brought up jumping rope. She shared with me how surprised she was that few kids in this country know how to jump rope.  She continued to share that jumping rope was a large part of her childhood conditioning program and they conditioned 3 times a week off the ice.  I think most parents do not think about the fact that something as simple as ‘skipping rope’ is not being done by our children while at school.   It all comes back to the lack of physical education and recess time.  Although, I can easily get on a tangent about the huge mistakes schools are making in eliminating PE and kinesthetic learning from the school day, I will stay on my jump rope ‘soap box’.

Everyone needs to learn to jump rope.  It is simply so much fun and can be done anywhere.  It is an amazing workout.  In fact, 10 minutes on the jump rope is equal to 30 minutes of jogging according to a Research Quarterly American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation article that published a study on this topic. In summary, 92 men were randomly divided into two groups for 6 weeks.  Group 1 skipped rope daily for 10 minutes and Group 2 jogged for 30 minutes.  The Harvard Step test (a universal standard test that measured cardiovascular fitness level) was administered and the results showed that both groups had equal cardiovascular efficiency.

Take a look at this chart from WatchFit.com blog that breaks down the calorie burn.

Jump Rope Workout Calorie Burn

This is not the only study that supports the cardiovascular benefits of jumping rope.   Yesterday, I wrote How to Jump Rope.  I listed some benefits of jumping rope, but I did not include any instruction on how to build footwork patterns.  Today’s video will show you three basic footwork patterns that are easy to learn.  The cool thing about learning just a few different steps on the rope is how many minutes will accumulate while practicing.  I find that when I teach a class dedicated to just basic jump rope tricks – I am able to get 45 minutes!!! of out of my students.  The time goes by so fast because we are using the music to set the mood and each song is assigned one trick to learn.  When you figure all the tripping that happens (which is no big deal by the way) and the simple assignment to practice one footwork pattern with your basic jump for an entire song  you can easily achieve a 10 minute  jump rope workout.

This video will teach you:

  1. 1. Heel Touch
  2. 2.  Toe Touch
  3. 3. Boxer’s Shuffle

Then each of these footwork patterns are stylized at the end to show you how they can be adapted to any type of music for the best jump rope workout ever!


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