Jump Rope Workout Part 3, three easy jump rope tricks

This is part 3 of a Jump Rope Workout series.  This first part taught how to get started jumping rope. I mentioned in part 2  that there is tremendous value in learning three basic footwork patterns. By learning to change your footwork patterns you are also changing up the direction of impact on your lower leg and feet and creating awesome stylization.  Once you have the basic jump rope footwork patterns down it is time to learn three simple tricks.  These tricks will open the door to learning many advanced jump rope movements.  If you want to build useful skills to create fat-burning jump rope workouts all you need are these three basic foot work patterns and three basic jump rope tricks.

3 Basic Jump Rope Tricks

  1. Figure-8 or side-by-side :  This trick should be the first one you learn.  It provides you with a fluid active recovery.  In other words, if you are tired for a moment you can walk in place and keep the figure-8 going.  In fact, when we do jump rope challenges – the only rule is that the jump rope must continue to rotate.  So you can recover and take your jump to a march-in-place and then figure-8 until you are ready to get back on the rope.  Additionally, the figure-8 is one of the key transitional movements for many advanced tricks.
  2.  Cross-overs:  This is the second trick that involves hand work that I teach.  The cross-over requires hand movement that essentially teaches you how to control the rope.  It is a great trick that becomes a stepping-stone towards many advanced tricks.  Once you have the cross-over down you can start changing the footwork patterns and then you will have twice the arsenal of tricks to practice. Now, all you need is the right music and you are on your way to even creating your own performance!
  3. Double-Unders:  Before the popularity of cross fit, double-unders were one of the top jump rope tricks we learned as kids.  The next evolution from the double-under was combining it with the cross-overs and various stylized hand movements.  Today, double-unders offer the average jump roper the ability to create an intense interval.  This is one way easy to increase the intensity of your jump rope workout.

Check out the video. I break down these 3 basic jump rope tricks.You will also see a slow-motion section of the various tricks and how they can combine to make unique stylized footwork patterns.  Here is a link to the American Heart Association list of jump rope tricks.

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