Chicago Summer Programs for Teenagers

Chicago Summer Programs for Teenagers
Kendall College

Teenagers are a funny breed of human.  They do not appreciate sarcasm, they roll their eyes constantly, they have little sense of urgency and emojis / acronyms are their primary form of communication.  The summer time is hard for parents who have teens and tweens.  Unless you are able to find them a job that requires little skill, you risk them being home texting all day long.

I have compiled a list of awesome activities for your Chicago teenager.  If you can get your teenager to part-take in 2 of these activities they might become a ‘jack-of-all-trades.’  Unlike the classic summer camp, most of these programs are only a few hours a day and a few days a week.  So in theory your teen or tween could do more than one program.  If you are still looking for a way to help your teen expand their horizons, enhance a specific interest / skill or simply make them more independent these options are brilliant!

Art Institute, 312-857-7161, 111 South Michigan Ave

Does your Chicago teenager have artistic talent?  If your teen is inspired by various styles of art give them a chance to create their own work and understand the inner-workings of an art museum.  This program even has its own Facebook page. You can check it out and see some of the work Chicago teenagers have created.  Their summer program is the perfect opportunity for your artistically inclined to expand and grow.  Classes are held on various dates on Saturdays from 11:00am-4:00pm.

Robot City,  773 281-1008, 3226 N. Sheffield 

Would your Chicago teenager want to learn to build a robot?  This cool Chicago business opened in 2008.  Skills your tween/teen may learn include robot building, soldering and how to build a micro-controller.  Their teaching philosophy is ‘learn by doing.’ Empowering young’ins with the pride of having built their own working robot.  Robot City is committed to the applied sciences and sparking an interest in technology.  For your tween it is recommended to attend the Intermediate workshop.  If you have a teenager, Advanced I is the best place to start.    These workshops are 2-3 hours in length and offered on various days each month.

International School of Comics, 312-265-0982, 1651 W Hubbard Street

Do you have a Chicago teen that loves comics and the digital world?    Give your teen the chance to learn a wide range of drawing techniques and style of illustration.  Classes also offer insight into how the comic book industry works.  This program is focused on motivating your teenager to push their artistic abilities to another level.  This program is twice a week from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

POW! Kids Chicago, 312-829-7699, 950 W  Washington

Does your Chicago teenager need to build some strength or cross-train?  Their summer camp program will focus on the overall wellness of your tween/teen.  Kids will learn running technique, improve flexibility, build strength and improve their conditioning.  This program will offer significant cross-training for your tween/teen.  Beyond the training these young lads will be given 4-5 wellness assignments like creating their own food log, calculate their caloric intake and write a maintenance program. This program is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12/1pm.

Acting Studio Chicago, 312-527-4566, 10 W Hubbard 2E

Does your tween / teenager have a flare for the dramatic?  Perhaps some acting classes will better direct that energy.  Enroll them in an intensive program that teaches improv and theatre acting fundamentals. This program exposes its Chicago teenagers to scene work and on-camera copy.  This is a full-day program 9:45am to 4:00pm, 5 days a week.

Old Town School of Music, 773-738-6000, 4544 North Lincoln

Does your tween / teen love music so much their earbuds never leave their head?  If you find your teen tunes you out because they must always listen to music sign them up for music.  Take advantage of this respected school that teaches instruments, band coaching, piano and choir.  Classes are held in 1 hour blocks of times several days a week.

Kendall College, 312-752-2206, 900 North Branch Street

Does your teen love cooking?  Have you already passed on a family recipe or two?  Perhaps your teen is dreaming of opening a restaurant on Randolph Street in the West Loop’s restaurant row.  Enroll for a culinary experience that will at least send them to college with kitchen skills.  Your teen will learn more than how to take over the next family holiday meal, they will also be exposed to aspects of hospitality management and baking.  Classes are 8:30am to 4:00pm.  They offer several different options and scholarships.

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