Snowed in? Home workout with a toddler

No school again!  Snowed in with crazy children, with a ton of energy.  My 4 year old is simply a wind up toy that has unlimited batteries.  He is like a border collie puppy. Hyper, energetic, happy, mischievous and never tired until he passes out.  These snow days kill me.  On the one hand, I like them because it feels like the day has so much potential.  But then, there is Colt!  Colt kills the potential of a day of productivity.  I simply just finds ways to wipe him out, make him nap and keep him safe.  There are so many ‘almost trips to the hospital’ on a day when we are trapped at home.  So, today, Chicago blizzard, Super Bowl Sunday, we decided not to go to a party in Plainfield – a place where kids can run around like wild animals.  This is what I did instead.  We made up workout exercises that involved his toys.  If you have a high energy toddler too – try doing these fun exercises for 5-7 minutes.

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