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Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

I have several customers that have started their year with a motivating fitness regiment and great eating program.  Some of them have chosen to follow the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse.  The program helps them re-structure their diets overall and  ‘reset’ their metabolism (so-to-speak).  With only a couple weeks into their program, they are already thinking about... Read more »

10 Food Label Secrets Revealed

It would be nice to believe everything you read.  When it comes to foods, you must learn how to properly read food labels.  Using the information correctly on the food label of a package will lead to a much healthy lifestyle.   Here are 10 tips for correctly reading food labels which are based on a... Read more »

Healthy School Lunches

Wake up- make school lunches for three kids…..UGH….. I struggle with building healthy packed lunches for my kids like all moms.  My goal is to follow my formula for a healthy lunch 80% of the time (a protein, complex carb, a veggie , a fruit and no packaged foods).  That might sound like a cop-out,... Read more »