Superhero Training Workout at Home with Your Kid

Superhero Training Workout at Home with Your Kid

Polar Vortex!!!!!!  Have you had a flashback yet about last winter?  Do your friends in other states tease you about Chicago’s diabolical, illogical, maniacal winters?  Well, mine do!   The curse of Dr. Freeze was obviously awful, but the worse part of the long and brutal winter was being stuck at home with my 3 kids every weekend.  I know that sounds terrible.  Thankfully, my husband brews his own beer.  In any case, trying to contain the mischievous and energetic acts of the Joker would be easier than the actions of three kids 6 years old and under in my house.

Since we are big Superhero fans, we did a lot of Superhero Training.  The amount of activity you can create at home is impacted by the amount of space you have.  But once you move the coffee table aside, push the dining room table over, you will be surprised at the square-footage available for a productive workout.  The video below gives you a 20-minute workout.  It lists 10 exercises and each is done for 30 seconds (perform 3 sets).  I used cones, rings and a medicine ball.  You can easily replace the cones and rings with plastic cups and use dumbbells (for yourself) if you do not have a medicine ball.  The key is to incorporate some form of task along with the exercise to keep their minds focused.  Because they do get tired too, I also do movements where I need their help and they become connected to my body during the exercise.  An example of this is dips or leg lifts.  This helps to contain them and also aids you in maximizing the 20-minute workout routine.

If you are interested in Superhero Training classes for your child (ages 3 to 6) check out the January , 2015 session of Superhero Training at POW! Kids.

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