10 Holiday Gifts for the CrossFitter

Crossfitters have become a sub-culture within the fitness industry.  Although they are not the first or only group to follow a constantly varied, functional, high-intensity workout regiment, they have popularized and even globalized this style of workout.  CrossFit as a modality of training appeals to a wide group of people who now make up a huge segment of the fitness industry.   Most are using the cross fit regiment as a means to get in shape and improve their overall fitness level.  Whether you have a cross-fitter on your list who fits into the fitness enthusiast category or an individual who is shooting for regionals, you can count on them benefiting from this list of gifts.

1.  Rehband Knee Sleeve, $39-$99

This neoprene knee sleeve is comfortable and easy to wash.  Unlike some brands, this sleeve feels good during all stages of a squat and does not ‘bunch-up.’  Like all neoprene products, I suggest turning it inside out to dry after a very sweating workout.

2.  Titin Force Compression Shirt System, $249

Featured on the show Shark Tank allows you to move more freely than other weighted apparel, like vests.  The gel packs that are inserted into the shirt system can be heated or cooled to help with joint prep or recovery.  It fits very comfortable and still promotes dynamic movements.  However, it is not suitable for a smaller woman, because it runs on men’s sizes.

3.  PROMiXX Vortex Mixing Blender Bottle, $25

This innovative bottle was funded by Kickstarter.  It claims to be the world’s most powerful handheld vortex drink mixer.  It is very cool, super practical and actually works!  It is a lightweight alternative to carrying your small bullet blender.  It is a super smart design and totally worth the money.

4.  ISAGENIX Athlete’s Pack, $258

Although the cross fit community endorses other supplement brands,  I believe this is one of the best products on the market.  Although you can purchase just the shakes or whey separately, I think this package offers the right combination of supplements along with a good diet that considers the nutritional needs of an individual who trains to threshold and fatigue. The quality is unmatched.  Like all supplement companies they have testimonials, but ISAGENIX as a company offers a line of protein shakes that can be used as meal replacements and for performance.

5.  Crossover Symmetry H.I.I.T. System, $240-$280

This resistance tubing based system is designed for individuals that need to maintain shoulder health and performance. The system offers four primary exercises to promote better mobility of the shoulder joint.  It also enhances posture.

6.  Portable Electric Stim/TENS Unit, $189

This unit comes with a 3-year warranty.   It is actually marked down and on sale right now from $899.  I have gotten a lot of use out of my unit.  It includes the AC adapter and can also run on batteries.  It comes with a case and allows you to select the area you are treating.

7.  Xercuff, $20

This band is excellent for glute activation.  It is one of the best designed tubing systems for lateral movement.  It fits easily into your gym bag.  The cuffs are soft and wrap around the ankle.  I suggest buying the red or blue for men, and the green and red for women.  Performing basic side leg lifts, lateral movements and glute isolations are a great way to activate the body before heavy lifts.

8.  Kines-Tape, $10/roll

There are many brands of kines-tape.    Although this may seem like a lame gift, most cross-fitters will eventually need it.  It makes for a great stocking stuffer.  This is a great brand.    Often you will find better pricing online for a case instead of purchasing by roll.

9.  Acupressure Pad, $29

This is a simple, yet brilliant idea.  It is an amazing tool for body restoration and recovery.  It is a cotton pad that is covered with 234 plastic patented blunt spikes.  I know it sounds like torture- but it feels amazing!  It is effective in stimulating blood circulation and even relaxation.  It can be used on the back, neck, legs and feet.

10.  Proseries Double Shoulder Ice Pack System, $70

It is important for a cross fitter to have several tools to assist with maintaining the health of their joints. This shoulder system is great for managing chronic shoulder injuries.  It uses two ice bags to completely cover the shoulder joint.  Once it is on, you can still move around.  The opening for the ice is wide enough for different size ice cubes which is super convenient.


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