Home Workout Routine that Burns Fat

After an excessive 4-6 weeks of drinking, eating and spending, I think the theme ‘Trim the Fat’ is appropriate.  Let’s cut back excess spending, over-indulgent eating, reel in the drinking and trim unwanted fat from your body.  This does seem like an awful lot of things to do at once.  I would like to say that I will help you with all of this – but the truth is, I only have a solid strategy for trimming the fat off your body.

Instead of trying to tell you to remove a list of things, my strategy is to simply ask you to add one thing- Metabolic Training.  Sounds complicated?  It isn’t!  In a nutshell, metabolic training means: workout really hard, doing many different exercises, using your entire body, while bending as many joints as possible, for a 30-45 second period of time and take as little rest as possible.  See not complicated.

There is tremendous value in adding metabolic training workouts to your weekly routine – they are the most effective in burning fat.  ‘Trim the Fat’ can literally be your theme in 2015.  It is very easy to build a circuit style workout for your home.  Although I would love everyone to come train with me at POW! Fitness (my facility in the West Loop), I think everyone needs to have a solid home workout program for those days you just cannot make it to the gym.

Metabolic Training will continue to be the fitness trend in 2015.   Interval training that includes movements using the large muscle groups and core are effective in changing body composition, reducing fat and still improving heart health.  Many fitness pros call it threshold training, anaerobic interval training, boot camps and so forth.  There are many ways to format a metabolic workout.  But if you are looking for that go-to home workout routine, this one is great!  It was featured on WGN’s Midday News today.  If you do all the exercises 2 times it will be about 20-24 minutes, if you do the exercises for 3 sets it will be 30-32 minutes long.  I created this workout using no equipment.  It can be done in your living room. It is divided into 6 parts.  Each part has three options.  Once you get a sense of the workout – minimize your rest and push yourself.

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