5 Tips for Choosing a Chicago Personal Trainer

5 Tips for Choosing a Chicago Personal Trainer

Tips on Picking a Chicago Personal Trainer from a Personal Trainer

The New Year offers the opportunity to improve anything you want about yourself.  Your body and health should be at the top of the list.  After the holidays when you are short on cash – it is hard to justify spending more money.  But one of the best investments you can make – is hiring a Chicago personal trainer.  Any money spent on your health and body is worth it!  Like an IRA or mutual fund, money spent on improving your fitness level has a faster return than any other investment opportunity.  According to a story on Exercise.com, many people are afraid to hire a personal trainer because:

  • It costs too much money
  • They are afraid of getting an injury
  • They are afraid they will not like the trainer and be stuck

Chicago Personal Trainer - BernieHere are some tips from Bernie Lecocq, Chicago Personal Trainer for 20+ years and Owner of River North Gym in the Merchandise Mart.  A 20+ year veteran in the fitness industry and leader in the personal training community, Lecocq understands the reasons why so many people are reluctant to hire a personal trainer.  His approach to building a rapport with his clients addresses these common concerns.  Here are some great tips when choosing a personal trainer.

1) Try out a couple of different trainers at the same time.  This is a chance to interview each one and see who you enjoy the most.  Remember you might stick with them for a long time and it is important that you actually enjoy their company and respect them.

2) Review each trainer’s education, training or certifications.  It is ideal to use a trainer who is well-rounded and educated.  Try to find out if they have athletic hobbies.  This will give you insight into their lifestyle habits and passions.

3) Discuss success stories with these trainers.  The type of training programs they use with their clients will tell you a lot about their motivation methods, their  clients and how they reach goals.

4) Ask the trainer about their personal training philosophy.  This might seem like an odd question.  But it is a fair question to ask.  There isn’t one correct answer.  But this will reveal if the trainer has actually analyzed why and how they do what they do.  It offers a little insight into their level of professionalism.

5) After training for 6-10 sessions, ask yourself if you have enjoyed your training sessions.  Does your trainer make you feel good about yourself and are you getting closer to your goals.  However, be honest with yourself about your level of commitment.  Trainers are not magicians.  They are there to guide your training and offer appropriate advise about improving your fitness regiment.  You are ultimately responsible for reaching your goals.

If you have questions about hiring a personal trainer, please reach out and send me your questions.

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