Best Exercises for a Firmer Butt

No bones about it!

The 7 best exercises for a round rump.

There are many ways to improve the shape of your derriere.  If your rump is not toned like you wish, do not forget, it is just a group of muscles.  They actually happen to be the largest and most powerful muscle group.  The great thing about the muscles that round or unfortunately flatten out your bum is when you move them correctly,  they are big calorie burners and metabolism boosters.

There are many different routines you can follow to strengthen, tighten and tone your butt. Here are 7 exercises that should take only 25 minutes.  They can easily be done in your home, with or without the added resistance.  You will notice that I am wearing an Xercuff.   This $20 piece of equipment can be purchased in yellow (the easiest), green (medium) or red (the hardest resistance).  This awesome resistance tubing provides increased resistance as your  range of motion changes.  They are 36 inches in length.  I love using it for kicking and building power.

All of these 7 exercises can be performed without the xercuff.  Before progressing to the xercuff, make sure your alignment and form for these 7 reliable exercises is solid.  Take a look at my hips and legs during the different phases of the movement.  Correct form will maximize the muscles recruited and therefore burn more calories.  When exercises are done with poor form, less muscles are recruited and many muscles and tendons are strained in the process.  Although the exercise may still seem challenging, you are not gaining the full benefit that the exercise has to offer.  

maximum muscle recruitment = more calories burned = increased metabolism

Program Instructions

Perform each exercise for 30 second on each side.
Each exercise will take 1 minute for both sides (x 7 exercises).
One round is 7 minutes long.
Stretch for 1 minute
Repeat for 3 round total ( 24 minutes)

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