Outdoor Play + Kids = Dirty Bathrooms, Products to Keep Kids Clean

Outdoor Play + Kids = Dirty Bathrooms, Products to Keep Kids Clean
Your kids own hand towel. Snaps around the towel rod, keeps your hand towels clean. No more picking up towels from the bathroom floor.

Warm weather means playing outside a lot.  As much as I enjoy being at the park, in the yard and even gardening with my kids, my bathroom is so dirty in the summer compared to the winter.  I think most moms agree that dirty and messy are two different things.  In the winter my house gets messy, because toys are everywhere and you are stuck indoors.  But in the summer time my house is dirty.   There are dirty foot prints all over the entrance floor, my first floor bathroom has muddy hand prints, my nice towels have streaks of mud on them and there are dirt and leaf crumbs all over the place.

I am used to sweeping up food, so keeping the outdoor crumbs under control is no big deal, but I really love products that help keep my bathroom cleaner overall.  Here are the best products I have found to solve my issues.

Tottels, $19.99

Snaps around the towel rod.  Words in the kitchen too.

Snaps around the towel rod. Works in the kitchen too.

My favorite is the Tottels, it is a designated hand towel that snaps over the towel rack for the kids.  The kids each get their own tottel!  They never use my nice hand towels, which means I do not pick my towels off the bathroom floor.  We know how gross this can be, especially if you have little boys in the house (I have 2!).  No longer do I pick up my nice towels off the floor around the toilet.  Need I say more about the germs and mis-aims!  Here is a link to learn more about this product that was designed by a surgical nurse and Chicago mother-of 3 boys, who respects the danger of germs.  Great for all ages.

Aqueduck, $9.99


Comes is various styles. No more holding your kid up to reach the flow of water from the faucet.

Another great accessory for the bathroom is the Aqueduck.  Depending on how your sink is designed it is hard for kids to reach the faucet.  Even if you turn the faucet on for them, you often have to hold and suspend your toddler to be able to rinse their hands.  The creator of Aquaduck built this faucet extender for this very reason.  In fact ,mothers everywhere love it so much she received an award from Huggies for its innovation.  It can be used for more than just the sink, it works for the bath as well.  This extender helps to eliminate all the extra splash, so you are not cleaning a mess after every hand wash.   Great for toddlers!


Bath Bombs, $3.99

They small great. 3oz of soap for bath time.

They small great. 3oz of soap for bath time.

When it is bath time I never really know how much soap to put in the bath.  When I let my kids do it, they waste the entire bottle.  The Bath Bomb is a handcrafted soap ball that dissolves in 3-5 minutes.  This 3 oz soap is designed  with a cute monkey and banana.  It is made with natural oils and fragrance.  So beyond its cleaning agents, the bathroom and your kids will smell great.  No more wasting ½ bottle of soap.  Great for all ages!

Soap Time Bottle and Base, $9.99

Plays a 20 second tune to tell your toddler how long to scrub their hands.

Plays a 20 second tune to tell your toddler how long to scrub their hands.

I thought is was clever that my kids’ first toothbrushes were made with a soundtrack.  I finally realized it played for the length of time a kid is suppose to brush their teeth.  I found a product that does this for hand washing.  Every time I tell my kids to go wash their hands they quickly threw their hands under running water and never got all sides of their palms.  As much as I want them to wash like a surgeon, they need more incentive and training than my nagging words.  The Soap Time Bottle and Base teaches kids to wash for 20 seconds.  It plays a song when the soap is pumped.  It also teaches words in Spanish, English, French and Chinese!  A great way to introduce your toddler to the skill of hand washing.   Great for all ages!


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