Oh No! I think I am a foodie, and it’s #Foodiechats fault!

I never called myself a foodie until I started following #Foodiechats.  They are now my new favorite Twitter personality to follow. I always thought that in order to be a foodie I would have to eat unhealthy all the time so I rejected the term despite how much I cook from scratch.  So these were my original impressions of being foodie:

  1. You must put bacon on absolutely everything.
  2. You must enjoy eating some creepy portion of the pig’s body on a couscous cake (I love couscous by the way).
  3. You think you’re a bad-ass because you will eat street food in a third-world country.
  4. You will wait in line for an hour for donuts, honestly donuts! The unhealthiest shape that bread comes in.
  5. You are willing to drone on for an hour about a taco.
  6. You are offended by restaurants like the Olive Garden (You know you can get soup, salad and bread sticks for $5.95?)
  7. When you eat out, you literally have to order every item on the ENTIRE menu (This is gluttony in my book).
  8. You take more pictures of your food than your kids, and you actually keep them.
  9. Think it is normal to pay $40lb for Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.
  10. Think that a deconstructed plate of food, doesn’t make you look just like my 4 year old that wants all his food separated by compartments on the plate so nothing touches.

#Foodiechats cured me of my misconceptions. I am a foodie.  I love to cook, I relish in food pairings, I like to read about food, chat about food, I will try new things (within reason) and best of all I like all the alcohol that goes along with eating a wide range of dishes.

#Foodiechats is “Where the Foodie Community Chats Together” every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on Twitter.  Simple right, and it’s so much fun.  During #Foodiechats 90 minute Twitter Chat, ten food themed questions are asked, and people worldwide answer.

Two weeks ago their sponsors were Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar, and the theme was, “Share your Dreams of being a Celebrity Chef.” What a fun topic. One of the questions asked was, “If you published a cookbook, what is the one recipe you’d absolutely need to include?” Questions like this really get your creative foodie juices flowing right? And this is just one question! You can see how fun this worldwide community can be! I was able to Tweet with foodies from Hong Kong, Australia, and New York, just to name a few.

Each Monday #Foodiechats has over 400 contributors and has a reach of over 13 million impressions.  They will be celebrating their three-year anniversary on May 12, 2014, and it will be their 158th #Foodiechats.

From the beginning #Foodiechats has partnered with National Brands to sponsor #Foodiechats each week. They have worked with brands such as, Calphalon, Williams Sonoma, Lundberg Family Farms, Shari’s Berries, upcoming in June Macy’s, and so many more. #Foodiechats and their sponsors choose great themes with drool worthy questions that suck me in, and so many of the responses are surprisingly helpful for me as a working mother of three.

#Foodiechats is celebrating three-years on Monday, May 12, 2014 at John Barleycorn River North (149 W Kinzie) from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Come and celebrate live with the Chicago #Foodiechats Community, and Tweet online with the worldwide community!

I will be attending for three reasons:

  • See what it feels like to go out on a Monday night
  • Be officially initiated into the #Foodiechats Community
  • Meet other people who may not have food in their handle, but cook all the time.

The #Foodiechats theme will be “Food Trends.”  They have amazing prizes that will be raffled off such as complete cookware sets from Calphalon, Crock-Pots from Klondike Brands, Food and Beverage Pairings from Wendella Boats and so much more.  Click here to purchase your tickets http://ow.ly/wqDbL

Join the #Foodiechats conversation on Twitter @Foodiechats and simply follow their hashtag #Foodiechats to participate in Twitter Chat!

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