Great Home Dumbbell Exercises, Do This, NOT That!

Being stuck at home for a workout is a good thing. The simplest workouts are most often the best!  In fact, a couple sets of dumbbells is really all you need to create a total body strength training program.  Granted, I personally add a jump rope and abs to the mix, but I will take strength training any day.  Dumbbell training seems a little ole fashion these days when you could use a TRX, med-ball, heavy rope, tire or kettlebell.  Do not let the CrossFit and the Functional Fitness movement fool you- dumbbells will always offer the most reliable form of strength training for the masses that can be performed in any environment or space.  And truth be told, you probably are not ready for higher intensity based strength training, including Olympic lifts, kettlebells, weight balls, if you do not have the correct form when performing the most conventional dumbbell based exercises.

Here are five of my favorite exercises.  They can be done anywhere, the pictures show me doing them in my living room.  I have many more that I enjoy doing, but I believe these five exercises have tremendous value.  I have also chosen these 5 exercises because I often see people perform them incorrectly.

1. Lunges or Split Squats (when you are in place)

2. The Turkish Get -Up – I am only breaking down the transition to the standing posture.

3. Plank Dumbbell Row

4. Tricep Overhead Press

5. Single Leg Deadlift

 22 Minute Home Workout Program with Dumbbells

Warm-up or Body Activation = 4 minutes

  • 15 seconds  jumping jacks
  • 15 seconds low leg lifts
  • 15 seconds football run in place (wide, ball-of-thefoot movement)
  • 15 seconds right arm circles both directions
  • 15 seconds left arm circles both directions 
  • 15 upper body rotation (gentle)
  • 15 plank hold


Interval Series 1 = 8 minutes

20 seconds each exercise, 10 second rest, 4 sets total

  • Right leg split squat
  • Left leg split squat
  • Plank row
  • Tricep overhead press

1 minute rest

Interval Series 2 = 8 minutes

20 seconds each exercise, 10 second rest, 4 sets total

  • Right side turkish get-up (you’ll probably only get 2- 4 reps in this 20 second period)
  • Left side turkish get-up 
  • Right single leg deadlift
  • Left single leg deadlift

1 minute rest

2 minute stretches and cool down

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