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Training with a weighted vest, 5 Favorite Exercises

Look how great this vest fits her body.
It is funny to think that training equipment in the fitness industry can become hot and trendy.  But weighted vests are in style.  I prefer the Hyper Vest PRO  because it is form fitting and has a snug vest.  Most equipment is made for the frame of a man.  This particular vest fits my 5’2 frame perfectly.... Read more »

Great Home Dumbbell Exercises, Do This, NOT That!

Tricep Overhead Press - If you are standing during this exercise keep a soft bend in your knees.  This exercise is challenging if you have limited shoulder joint flexibility.  The goal is to keep your posture lifted and your arms parallel to each other (so the elbows point over head) and framed along the side of your head.  A common mistake is the angle of the head and arms break the posture all together and the movement become very limited and unproductive.  One trick to help accomplish this is to look up when doing this exercise and press your palms up to the ceiling.
Being stuck at home for a workout is a good thing. The simplest workouts are most often the best!  In fact, a couple sets of dumbbells is really all you need to create a total body strength training program.  Granted, I personally add a jump rope and abs to the mix, but I will take... Read more »

Most Popular Exercises in U.S., Do THIS, NOT THAT!

Keep your neck long and shoulders down.  Another way to think of it is lowering or depressing the shoulders into your back.
It used to be that just the boutique gyms had all the trendy toys.  In fact, many small gyms built their training platform around tools categorized today as ‘function fitness.’  But tires, ropes and medicine balls are all conventional tools for weight loss.  Now that these fitness tools are part of the HIIT (high intensity... Read more »