10 Tips to lose weight? Buy This, NOT That!

If you want to lose weight you need to change the things you buy at the grocery store.  Assuming you do not eat out every day, these are 10 tips that will not only help you lose weight, but offer you a better source of energy.  Making changes to your diet has to begin with what you buy.  If you can change the foods you buy, therefore taking you off a path towards various metabolic syndromes; you will lose weight.  Let’s begin by understanding that the foods in the grocery bags have to change first.  Then, you can work on portions second and picking better dishes off menus third.

Before looking at the slideshow, you need to understand a 10 things first.

  1. Eat your vegetables first, then finish the rest of your food.
  2. Vegetables have to be part of every meal you have.,
  3. Protein is important, it’s completely responsible for building and repairing muscle. more muscle = less body fat = faster metabolism
  4.  Carbohydrates are your fuel source, not just to workout, but for the brain.  So carb free is no-good.    You must learn the formula for GOOD verse BAD carbs.
  5. A critical part of understanding carbs istheir glycemic index.  Good carbs have a low score and bad carbs have a high score.
  6. The glycemic index (score) of a carb is important.  The lower the number, the better the fuel source it is, therefore having less of an impact on your blood sugar (This is good!!!!!)
  7. Fiber is FREE calories.  The older you are the more you need.
  8. Salt is bad, seasonings are good!
  9. Protein sources with a lot of saturated fat, makes you fat.  Leaner food is better food.
  10. White foods are bad – white potatoes, bread, pasta and rice.  Foods with some color to them are healthier, sweet potatoes are orange, rye is dark, quinoa is brown, etc…


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  • I had corn last night. And salt is the hardest for me to say goodbye to. Great tips.

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    For anyone who is thinking about starting a paleo diet, I know it can be hugely intimidating at first, especially with wondering what you’re going to eat. My best advice is to take baby steps and to educate yourself. Make changes at a pace that feels comfortable for you. It has taken me about two years to get to where I am now. It was a series of small changes that added up to BIG change in my life.
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