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10 Tips to lose weight? Buy This, NOT That!

Sautéed Peppers ( 40 GI / 45 caloreis) ,NOT Canned Corn & Carrots (55GI & 75 calories)
If you want to lose weight you need to change the things you buy at the grocery store.  Assuming you do not eat out every day, these are 10 tips that will not only help you lose weight, but offer you a better source of energy.  Making changes to your diet has to begin with... Read more »

Why I still believe in Superheroes at 42 years old!

Superman He loves to read.  He has the most amazing physical powers like speed, strength, x-ray vision- which he never uses in a creepy way.  He can save puppies, old ladies and an airplane within 5 minutes.  His powers are solar based.  He has two awesome titles, The Earth’s Adopted Son and the Last Boy Scout of the Superheroes.
I have run across some people in the last few years that do not believe that superheroes are good for kids.  Their position focuses on the inappropriate ‘worship’ of fantasy  In addition, they propose that superheroes represent an unrealistic identity or they are simply too aggressive/violent. According to child development psychologist Naeema Jiwani (, kids are... Read more »

Chicago Survival Tips: Foods that warm your body from the inside - out.

Chicago Survival Tips: Foods that warm your body from the inside - out.
Like many Chicagoans, I have been looking at crazy pictures on Facebook about the weather and checking on the status of our business district for Monday morning.  I am willing to submit to the weather for another day or so, but honestly I am tired of being bullied by the extreme cold.  So I have... Read more »

5 Studies that will improve your health in 2014

1.    The Journal of Cephalagia reported that sex actually relieves migraine pain and even headache clusters.  One third of the participants were successful in using sexual activity as headache therapy. Note to self- remember this study. Yes, I had to look up Cephalagia , it is the study of headaches (who knew?).  I would... Read more »