When returning to the gym in January: Do This!, NOT That!

I hear a lot of people who workout all year make fun of those that return to the gym as a New Year’s Resolution.  It is pretty arrogant.  I get their point, but the way they deliver this obvious point is layered with too much mockery.  I have been working full-time in the fitness industry since 1994.  Although I see floods of people sit on cardio machines and fill the weight rooms by the second week of January, I look at it as a room filled with tangible goals.  So instead of ‘hating’ on those that have difficulty prioritizing working out, I would rather give them a guide on what to do and most importantly what NOT to do.  Consider this the second installment in my series of : Do This!, NOT That!  Whether you are starting for the first time or returning from a workout hiatus, I want you to look like you belong.  See you next year at the gym!




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