Fitness Gifts: Buy this, NOT that!

Most likely someone on your Christmas list is a health conscious person who does workout or is ready to begin making changes.  Finding a great gift that suits their lifestyle is a considerate way to spend money.  So let’s try to give you a guide that will help you avoid wasting your money.  This list of gift ideas will tell you which gift ideas are worth the money and which are not!

Buy the Power Block, NOT a Rack of Dumbbells

For the home exerciser, strength training is an essential component of a well-rounded workout routine.   Investing in a stack of dumbbells and rack is a bit overkill. The cool thing about the power block is that it can be adjusted to various increments.  They are also perfectly balanced.  There is big price range on the power blocks. So shop them out and see the type of deal you find.

Buy a Resist-a-Ball, NOT the Hawaii Chair

If you are looking for a gift for your mom or wife, who brags how great their abs felt from hula-cise at the resort during their Maui vacation, avoid the Hawaii Chair.  Buy her a resist-a ball instead.  There is no way this chair is worth the money and certainly not a better option for her home office chair.  The best use of money is to buy her a resist-a-ball and a How-To DVD. The resist-a-ball (or Swiss Ball) is one of the best tools to strengthen all areas of the core and really develops a hard layer of muscle in your abs. It also makes for a great chair to promote a strong core and good posture. The best thing is they cost as low as $20 compared to $245 for this gadget that doesn’t even come with a box of macadamia nuts.

Buy a Kettlebell, NOT a Shaker Weight

I am not sure how many of you play the gift exchange game called ‘white elephant’ at your holiday parties.  By the time my family parties are done, I have participated in 3 games of white elephant.  If everyone out there stops buying the Shake Weight, I feel like I will no longer be stuck getting them at my parties.  The Shake Weight might seem funny, but it is an old joke that everyone has heard.  Buy a kettlebell for the fitness minded person.  The cost is about $2.00 a pound.  Instead of ordering online (which charges a lot for shipping), go buy it at a Fitness Warehouse or the equivalent.  Then once they open it, tell them how many free videos are available online for programs and proper technique.

Buy Private Lessons, NOT Gym Memberships

I used think it was thoughtful when people would come into my gym and pay in full for a membership for their girlfriend, son or wife.  After being in business for so many years, I have learned that it never works out.  Instead of buying a contract for a gym membership, buy them a class card or private lesson for an active hobby.  As much as I would like to drive sales for my membership business, I believe it is more thoughtful to consider what interests a person has: yoga, weight training, golf, swing dancing, boxing and purchase a class card or lesson package that has a lower cost and higher rate of usage.

Buy Spanx, NOT Sauna Pants

I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as spot fat reduction.  We all know people that wish they could just trim a little off the butt and hips and stick it somewhere else.  It is a very common request heard by trainers.  But I have never met a trainer that would recommend the Sauna Pants.  Without being crude, these pants are likely to prune your skin, promote dehydration and cause the most uncomfortable perspiration in  your groin.  For immediate slimming results, buy SPANKS.  They are one of the most brilliant under-garments ever created.  They make products for women and men. In fact, they make a slimming under-shirt for men that slims the belly making you look like a Gucci model.  The price range is from $30 to $70 depending on the item, which makes them a thoughtful gift.

Buy Balance Cushions, not Balance Braclets

We all have a clumsy aunt or grandparent that seems to trip and fall often.  As people get older they tend to lose joint stability and strength.  There are several bracelets that claim to improve balance.  We have seen the demonstrations in malls.  But most researchers have found these bracelets offer a placebo effect.  Some say, what difference does it make, if a person believes they have better balance, they simply will.  That might be true during a quick demo, but the truth is, unless you strengthen the joints you will not prevent future clumsy falls.  Instead of buying a Power Bracelet or its equivalent, buy a balance cushion.   They are simply to use. Stand on them and do functional movements like squatting, lifting your arms overhead or use them for basic weight training exercises.  The ponly cost about $15-25.




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  • I love this list for the insight about which fitness items are worth the money, but I pity the fool who buys someone Spanx as a gift.

  • I thought about that afterwards. But, I will admit that all the different SPANX add up and it is one of those things I would appreciate - particualrly if a sister, mother or gal pal gave to me.

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