Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition

Does your company often ask, “What is the value proposition of our product?”  When they should be asking , “What is the employee value proposition we are offering?

54% of employees are planning to leave their current employer as soon as the economy improves according to 2011 survey focused on employee trends.  If you are in a position that oversees a staff, division, department, city office, region or company, you should be asking yourself, “How can you increase the employee value proposition in your company?”  The growth of any company relies on employee engagement and productivity.


Employee wellness initiatives are a key trend for corporations.    According to a National Business Group on Health Study, health risk, lifestyle and condition management programs are the three most commonly offered programs by corporations.  Employers invest about 2% of their medical spend for these programs. ( Study conducted by the Health/Fidelity Investment Benefits Consulting, Employers Investments Health Survey, January, 2011).  The metrics used to measure the success of these programs include participation levels (the actual enrollment), engagement (completion of program), claims costs and even employee feedback.

The companies involved in the study were from various industries and ranged in size from 5000-15,000 employees.  Despite the difference in their business profiles, the majority offered incentives.  Incentives are critical for employee motivation, perception and value.  Incentives give the employee permission of sorts to participate.   Although cash is king, do not undersell the value of work from home days (if it works for your industry), lotteries, raffle tickets, free lunch or best of all, a paid vacation day.

So on your next work day, sit back and look at who you think is interviewing for another job and planning on leaving.  Then ask would you like to keep them, engage them further, motivate them to see your company or department grow.  Think about what you can do to improve the employee value proposition.  Here are some success stories for you to review.  If you have questions about how you can integrate any wellness initiatives into your company or department whether there’s 5 , 50, 500 or 5000 employees feel free to contact me.  If you have a great success story to share please email me.

  • Du Pont- found that each $1 they invested in workplace health promotions yielded $1.42 over two years because absenteeism was reduced.  Absences (unrelated illnesses to the job) among 45,000 blue-collar workers dropped 14%.   This is one of the quickest results companies find once employees are enrolled in specific health promotions like exercise regiments, the Biggest Loser Challenges, injury screenings and program design.
  • Hunter Industries with a 10,000-square-foot workout facility has reduced medical costs including lower incidences of carpal tunnel syndrome and back problems.
  • Jackson Kelly, a West Virginia Law Firm had a 65% participation by employees in wellness programs. It lead to a 33% lower rate of absenteeism and a 21% decrease in health insurance premiums.
  • The Travelers Corporation – found that for every $1 invested in health promotions they received a $3.40 return.  The total savings in health benefits was $146 million.  Sick leave for example was reduced by 10% during a four-year study.   Companies with a long-term savings in mind are having the tremendous success with all their health promotions.


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