Feeling Old? 3 Exercise Tips for 40+ Years Old

Feeling Old? 3 Exercise Tips for 40+ Years Old

I am in my 40s.  I am happy to say that in 2012, I signed up over 40 people over 40 at my gym ( POW MMA and Fitness and Chicago Krav Maga) in the West Loop.  They have continued to train injury-free and this was the first thing I taught them. Many would not consider boxing, kickboxing or krav maga as the perfect form of exercise for Mike age 60, John age 55 and Donna age 44 (just a few of my hard-core students).  But their ability to learn is brilliant and their desire to develop a life-saving skill is what brought them to POW.  My job is to help them manage a rigorous exercise program.  I also teach them how to learn the new skills (krav maga and the combat sports) without injuring themselves and motivate them to keep expanding their expectations.

You must get the joints warmed up.

As we get older and our hormones change the production of synovial fluid decreases.  Synovial fluid is the liquid in your joints.  It not only lubricates the joints, it can also help protect against infection and inflammation.  As you increase your body temperature the thick gel-like consistency of synovial fluid becomes thinner and more watery.  The thinner this fluid is inside the joint, the easier it is to move freely.  This reduces friction between the articulating pieces inside of the major joints.  As we perform higher intensity exercise, there is a larger production of synovial fluid to protect the joint and allow for this additional movement to take place.  This is why a thorough warm up is critical.  Without this additional lubrication the joint remains slightly restricted it may promote inflammation.

Must do a thorough and lengthy warm up.

A dynamic warm up must include movement of the all major joints (i.e. arm circles or leg lifts verse just walking ).  Multi-joint movements can prevent injuries.  As the body is involved in various types of movements, the muscles receive more blood which in turns delivers a greater volume of oxygen.  This may sound like you have to add more minutes to your workout.  As you reach 37, 42, 48, 51 years old, you need to exercise smarter. Schedule time for a longer warm up-period.  This does not mean walk at 3.5 on the treadmill for 5 extra minutes.  Design a 8-15 minute warm up that includes dynamic movements involving all the major joints in the body (hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, back, wrist, neck).  These warm-up exercises are not intended to be ballistic movements.  It can be simply walking in place that progresses to jumping jacks, and moves onto to half squats and then arm circles. From there progress into some gentle stretching, a push up variation, basic lunges and then stretch again.  Make sure you are increasing your core body temperature. Always include a couple more exercises that offer relief to your stiffer areas.

Exercise smarter, not longer.

Exercising smarter means designing purposeful workouts. I believe that interval training that incorporates a wide variety of total body exercises is the most efficient way to train over 40s.  Interval training allows you to change your routine each day.  It is easy to include  total body strength, body weight exercises, balance training, anaerobic drills, plyometrics and flexibility.   This type of workout will promote living an active lifestyle well into your 60s.

I apologize for the incorrect spelling of ‘Feeling’ in the title, yesterday.


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