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Stop Doing Stupid Stuff in the Gym - Start the New Year Right

Whether you have been working out up until the end of 2012 or promising to visit the gym in the first few weeks of 2013, we welcome you back!  But please stop doing stupid things in the gym.  Gym managers, owners and trainers cannot believe how some people just do the dumbest and rudest things... Read more »

10 Steps to Ending 2012 Healthier Than You are Right Now!

Jumping Jack
Ten days until the end of 2012.  End the year right.  It is not too late.  Start right now with some exercise.  I am serious.  Read this and then do it!  Today, after the last word on this blog do one rep of each of these exercises.   Then tomorrow simply do two.  I realize it... Read more »

Gift Guide for Women that Exercise: Buy her the right outfit for her body shape

Square/Rectangular Body Shape$44.00 Bra Cup Vee Racerback Tank - from Athletica
Get the right type of workout clothes for your mother, girlfriend, sister or wife.  Use this guide to help you pick out the right type of clothes. Women with a Square/Rectangular Shaped Body When you do not have a small waistline and your shoulders are muscular and broad, it is best to create curves with... Read more »