3 Best Fitness Products from the Club Industry Show

The Club Industry show has been in Chicago for over 25 years until 2012.  This was the first year it was in Las Vegas. Rumors were it left Chicago because of un-enjoyable dealings with the Chicago unions down at the McCormick Center and the  enormous costs of doing the event in Chicago.  And although this gossip was the buzz of the event for the vendors everyone agreed that it was a better event when it was held in Chicago.  The biggest disappointment was how poor the traffic was at the show considering it was on the west-coast, the mecca for the fitness industry.  I was personally shocked that Vegas did not pull in a larger contingency from the health and fitness community.   Whatever the issue(s) was, it must have been worked out, because it is coming back to Chicago next fall. It’s return will make my life easier because I am a Windy City girl.  But I am concerned that this year’s show did not have the presence to help revive interest from the fitness industry as a whole.

Regardless of the attendance at this years’ Club Industry show in Las Vegas, Nevada, I made the sweetest lemonade every day out of the lemons I was dealt in the form of: low energy, fewer sessions and disappointed vendors.  I was there for two reasons- launch the new Muay Thai Fitness Training / Certification program I was asked to create by Revgear and learn stuff. The sessions I took were great.   I seemed to pick the best ones that had the widest application for a small -business owners.  I had fun at the expo as a vendor selling programming and equipment, because I also played with all sorts of toys and new products that are recent additions to the fitness industry.  Here are my favorites, all of these were launched at the show and retail/consumer pricing was not provided.

The PURE WATER GEAR bottle and filtration system.  This is simply another smart solution to decreasing the 65 million plastic water bottles that are wasted each year and the need to improve quality drinking water.  This product offers a filter system that is comprised of coconut carbon, which activates a process of filtering contaminants.  Their filter features, what they call a “torturous pathway.”  As the filter system continues to filter the contaminants use after use, the pore diameter gets smaller and narrows.  Therefore this filter can be used to make up to 500 to 700 bottle of water.  Then you would replace the filter.   It eliminates chlorine, chromium 6, fluoride and VOC.   The bottle is of course BPA free.   714-921-4663

The TNT Core Bar is a weighted bar that is filled with liquid.  It allows you to combine strength and stability more functionally than the standard weighted bars.  They come in various sizes and lengths.  Derek Mikulski a Michigan based trainer is the designer.  Because of its liquid middle it requires the core to be more fully engaged than a regular body bar that is weighted.  In fact,ir I have several versions of it at my gym, which were made by my trainer Said Hatim.  Mikulski’s bars are made well and have a wide application of uses. It is great for baseball, tennis players and golfers.  801-751-8966

The Boxmaster was the piece of equipment I probably had the most fun using at the Club Industry show.  I am sure this is of no surprise if you are familiar with my background.  This apparatus is a smart option for a larger size club that wants to add boxing training to their equipment floor, but feels that hanging heavy bags would detract from the overall modern design.  The Boxmaster is also a great choice if you want something that members can try hitting right away (as long as 12 oz gloves are available), or to incorporate into a workout routine that uses all the main stream fitness equipment.  In fact, that is why I liked it so much.  I think it is a great concept for a club to add it to their main gym floor amongst the weight stacks, cardio and Nautilus style equipment.  This is the way in which I would personally enjoy using it.  Despite the cool design and the easy to handles for adjustment, it is about $3000.00.  But if you are building the ultimate home gym, I can testify that it is made very well, the base was durable and the angles of the pads were easy to punch.  The product is manufactered by STAR TRAC.


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