5 Sports Never Inducted into Olympics- Thank God!

In the final days of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, I have been thinking about how grateful I am that many activities and sports have not been inducted into the Olympics.  I laugh and giggle watching videos of the sports listed below.  However, I can’t help but think of the expression, “ One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  I suppose sports are like this as well.  But when you think of some of the most coveted sports like: gymnastics, swimming, judo, boxing, skiing and track and field, it is hard to imagine that the sports listed below would ever be inducted into the Olympic Games.  You can click on the links below to see competitions for each of these sports.

  1. Cup Stacking–  People who do speed stacking or cup stacking brag about the hand eye coordination that is required for this activity. I do not find it all that impressive. Sadly, I have been told by cousins in the suburbs of Chicago that it has actually been added to their PE curriculum at school.   Whether it is an individual or team event, I hope I never pick up ESPN magazine and read about American World Champion Cup.  I think it is cute when I see all the kids playing this in the basement during Christmas, but I would much rather see them outside playing football in the snow, or guitar hero for that matter.
  2. Thumb Wrestling-Oddly enough, the UK has a lot of thumb wrestling going on.  The competitors have great names like, ‘Cobra,’ ‘Flash’ and ‘Thumberlina.’  Thumb warring a 60 second contest is lead by a chant.  You win by pinning down the opponent’s thumb and simply saying, “one, two, three, four, I win thumb war.”   I must be missing something, because even wikiHow has an explanation on how to dominate in this activity.
  3. Ladder Racing-You would think that ladder racing is something held as an intramural game just amongst the fireman community, but it is popular in Bulgaria and Russia.  Although it does look dangerous and enticing, I do not think ladder racing will be considered by the  IOC.
  4. Canne de Combat – All I can say is, what the hell is wrong with the French that push for this sport?  As someone who has taken many classes in the Filipino martial arts that focus on stick fighting, this is simply ridiculous. Can’t we just be content with fencing.  There is something barbaric about elevating a sport that beats someone with a stick.  I know it may sound contradictory, since I am a fencing fan, but it seems a bit uncivilized.
  5. Tug of War– Anyone who has gone to camp as a kid has done tug o’ war.  It is without a doubt a solid team activity and is even used in team building trainings within corporate America.  Even though tug o‘ war actually dates back to the Tang dynasty (seriously it does, I looked it up) I hope to never see a headline that the Americans were disqualified for inappropriate pushing.  I think Battle of Stars should get dibs on it as a main event.

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