Why Whey is the Best Protein for Supplements

Why Whey is the Best Protein for Supplements

You want muscles, want to be leaner and want to recover faster after training, whey protein is simply better.  Whey protein is superior to other protein powders when it comes to post-workout muscle-building drinks.  “It’s 31 percent more effective at helping you build muscle compared to soy,” says a 2009 study conducted at McMaster University.  The new organic and holistic lifestyle movement is bringing a lot of attention to another type of protein powder – hemp protein.  It is a valued additional source of protein as more people chose to eliminate animal proteins from their diets all together.  However, it is not equal to whey protein supplements.  Hemp protein contains less overall protein compared to whey.  In fact, it is about 50 percent less per serving.

The science side:

  • MPS = muscle protein synthesis
  • MPB = muscle protein breakdown
  • It is the net rate of MPS to MPB that determines your actual muscle growth.  Crazy how everything comes down to math.  A study lead by the Department of Kinesiology at the McMaster University in Ontario began their study acknowledging how difficult it is for athletes to gain muscle.  So, if you want to get more muscle to stick, you to need to consider the protein sources you are consuming pre and post workout.  “Milk proteins, specifically casein and whey, are the highest quality proteins and are quite different in terms of their rates of digestion and absorption,” reported in the McMasters University Study

On the flip side:

 The truth is that not all whey proteins are created equal either.  In fact, cheaper and lower quality whey also contains low levels of whey and higher levels of fat and even cholesterol.  In this case, whey would be inferior to soy and hemp proteins because it has a lower heart healthy score.  Soy and hemp proteins are good for the heart because soy has a lot of isoflavones and hemp is high in omega 3 fatty acids.

The big picture:

But if you are not a vegetarian, or have problems digesting whey based products, there is no reason to use soy or hemp based products.  Simply buy the better whey protein sources. The reason for taking a protein supplement to begin with is, you are unable to portion, plan and prepare the correct type of protein to complex carb for your meal and snack.  Protein is best absorbed by the body, in particular for the purpose of increasing lean body mass ( a fancy way of saying converting fat to muscle) when eaten with a low glycemic index food (i.e. dark green vegetables, quinoa, farro – the right type of sugar).

Whey protein is the fastest-absorbing of the proteins usually available in supplement form.  It reaches the muscle tissue quickly and efficiently.  Because of this, is the most superior type of supplement to consume post workout.  It will also aid with recovery and growth of the muscle.  Hemp and soy can be used as a maintenance meal, but if you are trying to gain muscle, maximize your workouts, lean down and achieve the ideal body mass conversion (fat to muscle), whey is the way to go.  If you are dead-set on changing things up because of flavor and you truly try to consume a wide variety of foods, including, true protein sources, supplement protein sources, vegetables and carbs, then take your soy or hemp protein in the morning when you get up or as a small snack.  Watch out for the calories and how much extra you need to add to the soy and hemp proteins in order to make them tasty.

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